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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-14 14:32:00

One of the all-time best episodes of Ring of Honor TV will debut this weekend on Sinclair Broadcast Group affiliates, CHARGE, Stadium and NESN before debuting Monday on FITE.TV.  The documentary style episode focuses on the rebuild of the ROH Women's Division and the tournanent to crown the first ROH Women's World title, culminating in Miranda Alize vs. Rok-C at Death Before Dishonor 2021.  This was one of my favorite hours of pro wrestling TV in years and honestly, by the end of it, I was extremely sad given that the chances of all of those pieces reassembling after the ROH hiatus ends are pretty small.  There are so many wonderful, deep moments in this documentary, with Trish Adora discussing her mother's illness while competing in the tournament and how much the opportunity means to her, how the ROH booking became a true healing moment for the family of one of the competitors, Maria Kanellis-Bennett's goals to make the division mean something special after all her roles and experiences in the business, a wonderful sequence featuring the families of the finalists, some great promos from Miranda Alize (who CERTAINLY deserves a big break in 2022) and more.  The only negative to this episode is it was designed to fit within the 60 minute TV episode limit as certainly ROH, with more time, could have gone even deeper down this wonderfully produced rabbit hole.  Much of the comments from the women are very much of the same vibe - they are thrilled about the chance to make something meaningful happen and want to inspire the next generation.  You have to love the hell out of that and you should sincerely go out of your way to track this down when it airs.

ROH will be repurposing Final Battle 2021 PPV matches on upcoming episodes of ROH TV.

All of the ROH alumni currently involved in the new heel faction on Impact are booked for every taping going forward.

The official ROH statement, storyline-wise, on that angle - "Ring of Honor Wrestling has not authorized and does not condone the actions of Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Mike Bennett, PCO, Matt Taven and Vincent on Impact Wrestling’s programs."

ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham vs. Steve Maclin is set for next week's Impact Wrestling TV.

There are four additional ROH Championship Defenses announced for this month:

1/15/22 - Bandido defends his version of the title, which he never actually lost, against Blake Christian at GCW Say You Will - Chicago, IL

1/16/22 - Bandido defends his version of the title, which he never actually lost, against Baron Black at TERMINUS debut - Atlanta, Georgia

1/16/22 - Jonathan Gresham defends against Josh Alexander under Pure Rules at TERMINUS debut - Atlanta, Georgia

1/23/22 - Jonathan Gresham defends against Blake Christian at GCW Hammerstein Ballroom debut - NYC

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