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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-01-14 00:32:00

Beyond Wrestling “Wrestling Open: Week 2”

1/13/22 - Worcester, MA

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I do love the mystery of this show. You know WHO…but not WHAT. One thing we DO know is that Kylon King had to step back from his match with Alec Price tonight…but stepping into his spot is Miracle Generation tag team partner Dustin Waller. Rich Palladino is your announcer. Paulie “Walnuts” Crockett is at the commentary table tonight. 

Match 1: Dino Mite vs SLADE

Well, Dino’s f***ing dead. SLADE gets right into Dino’s face. A headbutt and SLADE comes in hard. Dino with a ddt and a German…and SLADE pops up and chokeslams him for the three. A feel good murder start to our night!

Winner: SLADE

SLADE wants the mic?!? “BIFF BUSICK! IM COMING LETS GO TO WAR!” Day 91 just got VERY interesting! 

Match 2: Mortar vs Love Doug

“Doug is gonna love you” chants the crowd as the power of love gets him the advantage in the test of strength. Mortar with the attack but Doug hits a dropkick, body splash, reverse atomic drop…trust fall to the outside! Top rope elbow! One count! Mortar catches Doug and hits a big powerslam for two! Doug taken off his feet with a big chop and the crowd is rallying. Choke throw across the ring! Kick out! Doug enduring a lot of offense until he rallies with a codebreaker! Sliced bread for two! Springboard and Mortar clotheslines him in the back of the head. Cannonball! Release powerbomb! Doug kicks out! Even Paul Crockett thought he was dead! Doug with a clothesline to the back of the head! Rebound lariat gets the win for Love Doug! Fun back and forth here and some good false finishes. 

Winner: Love Doug

Sam Laterna is out to interview the competitors in the next match. Jarrett Diaz is a walking can of Arizona Iced Tea. Antonio Zambrano says what he brings to Wrestling Open…is him. 

Match 3: “The Bodega Boy” Jarrett Diaz vs Antonio Zambrano

Diaz grabs a headlock but Zambrano twists out and works the wrist and elbow. Diaz with a double stomp to the back, snap powerslam and Zambrano GTFO’s. Diaz with a dropkick but Zambrano jacks up the shoulder in the top rope. Antonio stomps out the limb as the crowd continues to reinforce their opinion of Zambrano. Diaz tries to fire back but he has a target on that arm. Zambrano with a senton to the arm for two. Diaz pops back, hits a falcon arrow! Kick out! Diaz comes running, Zambrano hits a falcon arrow and that gets the win! Crockett calls it good here, Zambrano found a finish that really stuck it to Diaz. 

Winner: Antonio Zambrano

Match 4: Armani Kayos vs Little Mean Kathleen

LMK almost steals it with a quick rollup! Kayos fires back but LMK stuns Kayos into the corner. Kayos with a dodge and rear view for two. Big suplex and LMK squawks before kicking out at two. Armani working her over, bronco buster…he tries the springboard moonsault but LMK dodges! Clotheslines and a running stomp in the corner! Flavor Bomb. Dudley dog….Armani tries a powerbomb…reverse into an X factor! Kayos tries to fight her into the corner, she powerbombs Kayos off the buckles and gets the pin! LMK ALLLLLLL DAY!

Winner: Little Mean Kathleen 

LMK has the mic! Feb 13th! WWR+ is baaaaaaack!

Match 5: “The Tattooed Torture Expert” Blaxstrom vs Ray Jaz

My autocorrect hates you, Blaxstrom but you look cool and I’m happy to cheer for you against Ol’ Jaz Hands. Oh, Jaz gets the mic for his Jaz tip of the day. Something about winning and a lot of PTSD about that gym membership I wasted that time. Blaxstrom is quickly out working Jaz early, working the arm and getting the crowd riled. Jaz explodes back with a gutwrench toss into the corner. Gator rolls into a delay vertical suplex for two. Another gator roll and a butterfly toss for two. Blaxstrom is looking pained but dodges and lets Jaz post himself. Big strikes! Lariat for two! Blaxstrom with a series of short kicks to the face, hip toss to an arm bar! Jaz breaks free, catches the leg on his neck and hits a cradle powerbomb for the pin! The crowd dislikes Ray Jaz and preferred to have received just the tip (of the day).

Winner: Ray Jaz

Sidney Bakabella is out here for another dose of magic and Crockett is sad. Rich Palladino hands over the mic as Bakabella revels in some country music that I swear came from my grandfather’s old 8-track. He brings out “World Class” Channing Thomas and they shake hands in the ring.  Sidney Bucklebelts gives the ring to his charge, heads to the floor and gases Channing right up. He says THEY called Channing right after last week’s promo. Thomas is world class and that’s the first time he’s thought of another wrestler that way. Bakabella points out that 20 wrestlers worked hard last week to entertain…and everyone could only talk about his man who just stood there. Paul Crockett calls this segment his own personal hell. Bakabella runs down the crowd trying to get behind them. Gods, I hope this segment continues for MONTHS. 

Match 6: “Fancy” Ryan Clancy vs Ichiban

Ichiban comes out fast and entertaining and keeps Clancy off balance. Handspring back elbow! Clancy escapes corner strikes, tosses Ichiban out of there and goes to work. Smooth elbow drop for two! Clancy working solid basics, big boot and a slam for two. Ichiban escapes another elbow drop, springboard forearm! Running enziguri, corner punches that finish this time! Crowd chants ONE for all of them, good bit. Ddt for two! Ichiban flies and Clancy punches out the gut. Clancy comes in and Ichiban reverses into a flying flatliner for the pin! Liked this one a lot. Clancy’s solid work was a great clash of style with Ichiban’s agility. 

Winner: Ichiban

Match 7: “The Prize City Queen” Becca vs “The Gladiator of the Geeks” Riley Shepard

Riley ties her up in the corner. Becca demands a clean break but won’t give one back to her opponent. Riley hitting arm drags but gets dropped into the buckles. Riley turns into a superkick for two. Becca staying on the attack, working over Shepard’s knee repeatedly. Riley using the ropes for leverage and boots Becca in the face. Double axe handles and corner lariats. Shepard throwing kicks but for how long? Fallaway slam for two! Becca chop blocks the knee and snaps up a si hole leg crab for the tap out! The Prize City Queen continues in her roll!

Winner: Becca

Match 8: The Haven (Jay Onyx & Shawn Knyte) vs The Mane Event (Midas Black & Jay Lyon)

Crockett calls this a “baptism by fire” for the Haven. I concur. Mane Event coming in hot but the Haven hitting some impressive tandem offense to start this off. Double STO, press corkscrew splash, stereo dive to the floor! Lyon catches a flying rana from Knyte to hit a sitout powerbomb and the balance of power has shifted here. Drop toe hold into a running senton! Handspring enziguri for two! Midas in but the Haven tags in together to fight off the circus boys. Suplex with a superkick chaser for two. Double superkick to Lyon. They whip Lyon and he rebounds Midas into the knife throw double spear. Knyte eats the Grand Finale and that’s the three! Lyon says “More wins, More steak!”

Match 9: “The Narcissistic Rock Star” Karlo Vice vs Kennedi Copeland 

Vice has a guitar and it seems like way more of a weapon than a musical instrument for him. Vice wants the crowd to calm down about Copeland…if she shakes his hand, he’ll go easy on her. She slaps him and yeah, he’s doomed. Copeland comes charging, Thez press into a tilt a whirl fujiwara armbar. Vice rolls out and tries to hide behind the ref. Copeland with a cheap shot and hits a blue Thunder bomb for two. Karlo pulling the hair into a back breaker for two. Vice tosses her by the hair across the ring. Copeland with a back elbow and crossbody, Vice rolls through…he looks like he might have her…Copeland twists into a crucifix bomb and gets the pin!

Winner: Kennedi Copeland 

Match 10: Rex Lawless vs Bryce Donovan 

Can Rex get one back after his loss to Donovan’s partner Bobby Orlando? Rex starting powerful and Bryce can’t handle it. Rex absorbs a kick and decks Bryce stupid. Donovan challenges Rex for a series of Bull charges, Bryce fails, tries a drop toe hold and Rex just smashes him with a backbreaker. Superkick sends Rex to the floor but Lawless catches a dive…Bryce slips it and posts Rex. Bryce working Rex in the corner but can’t whip the big man….but he can kick him. Donovan dodges a charge and Rex gets hung up on the rope. Bryce works him into a tree of woe, basement dropkick for two! Bryce sweeps the leg and hits a PK. Rex out and hits a running boot, big slam, chokeslam for two!  Double arm ddt! Rex picks up out of the kick out! Flatliner should end this but Bryce gets a foot on the rope! Bryce bites the ear of Lawless and sends him off the top rope. Trading shots! Pop up right hand staggers Bryce! Big spear! Rex wants the finish but Bryce is out. Springboard! Rex catches into a double arm powerbomb! Kick out! Rex swarming with punches and we are close to the time limit. Bryce rakes the eyes! Rollup and feet on the ropes! The ref doesn’t see it! Rex loses another one! Loving this story so far and Rex’s renewed bruiser energy.

Match 11: CPA vs Eric James

We love the mild-mannered CPA. We hate Eric James, even though he sang to us. Luckily, James can’t handle the unique offense style of CPA at first. Then James with a pele kick and posts his opponent. CPA getting beat down. Irish whip, leg lariat, two count! Backbreaker, another surprising kick out! James is frustrated that he can’t put CPA away. Eric pokes the eyes after eating a couple of punches. Top rope dropkick! CPA with a reallly slow 619…kick out! He wants a DVD but James hits a neckbreaker, running knee, tiger bomb! Kick out?!? James takes CPA to the top, CPA fights out! CPA tries a splash but mostly falls off the top. F5 turned into a rollup! James kicks out! CPA with a quick DVD and gets the pin!!! The crowd is elated and Crockett is in full on shock. 

Main Event: Dustin Waller vs “The Prize” Alec Price 

Price & Waller go right into each other’s faces. Head to head and throwing verbals barbs through the intros. Huge fight energy back and forth to start this. Waller is going fast and hard. Superkick sends Price to the floor, Price sees the dive coming and superkicks a springboard out of the air. Snap mare neckbreaker! High angle dropkick to the back of the head! That was Three, yells Price! Waller gut punching free but eats a back suplex for another kick out. Shotgun dropkick sends Waller to the corner, face wash boot for a near fall. Trading shots. Price crumbles Dustin with forearms. Price gets the headlock and grinds Waller into the mat. Dustin with the jawjacker, code red for two! Walker with a handspring and Alec is right there with a dropkick! Half and half suplex! Torture Rack Blu Ray! Jeeeeesus. Walker won’t stay down but he is getting swarmed by the self-professed Ace of Beyond. Cravat, head to the buckle, Running knee to the face! Another knee and Alec is living up to his new Dream Killer moniker. Alec misses a yakuza kick, Waller with a Spanish fly!!! Flying forearms, sling blade! Superkick , running shooting star for two! What a flurry! Price escapes the handspring cutter but eats it on the rebound. Two count as we hit the halfway point of the match! Waller springs off the too but Price hits a superkick…Waller escapes the gotch piledriver, Price sent out! Dive to the outside! Springboard forearm for two! Price intercepts Waller on the top…Dustin fights him off wildly…misses the 450. Price with the Grand Prize stuns Waller and the Su-Prize back kick ends this high energy main event!

Winner: Alec Price 

Price leaves the room as the crowd wills Waller back up. Bryce Donovan hits the ring and lands a Bossman Slam for lay Dustin out. What now?!? Dustin gets the mic..he tells Price he isn’t dead yet…but he just went to hell and back and Bryce Donovan is next!

Another week in the books for Wrestling Open and a solidly fun show! We’re finding our new favorites (Ichiban, CPA, the new & improved Rex Lawless) and the new folks we hate (Clancy, Jaz, Zambrano). Bakabella hits another home run promo. Tonight’s main event was loaded with aggressive energy to close us out. Oh yeah, and SLADE commuted murder! Check it out on IWTV when the VOD hits and gets your eyes on the Northeast’s finest upcoming talent! Until next Thursday!

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