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By Eric Denton on 2022-01-14 00:33:00

From the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, N.C.

Your hosts are Excalibur and Taz, The show will feature eliminator matches for potential future title matches. 

"The Captain" Shawn Dean vs. Liam Cross (AEW debut)

Dean dominates. He hits a series of lariats and a spear into Cross's midsection in the corner. DDT and follows up with a diving top rope splash for the pin 

Your winner - Shawn Dean in 2.19

Anthony Ogogo vs Baron Black

The Guv'nor and Black trade fists at the bell. Black with an atomic drop and suplex. Both men trained at The Factory. Ogogo takes over with a suplex of his own and hammers Black with punches. Delayed bodyslam and Ogog shows off and dances for the crowd. Black recovers and throws a chop but he's stopped almost immediately. Ogogo runs him over with a clothesline and gets a 1 count. Black tries to attack Ogogo's arm to eliminate his left handed punches. Black his a backstabber and goes for a crossface, Ogogo escapes and hits a chokeslam. Ogogo puts Black on the top rope and hits the "Tower of London" (draped stunner) for the 3 count. 

Your winner - Anthony Ogogo in 4:30

Alex Marvez is backstage with Matt Hardy. If Hardy, Isiah Kassidy and Serpentico defeat the team of #5 Alan Angels, #10 Preston Vance & Hangman Adam Page then Matt Hardy will earn a title match vs Page on the next episode of Dynamite. Serpentico is substituting for the travel-delayed Marq Quen.

Red Velvet vs Shalonce' Royal

Royal jumps Velvet before the bell. Referee separates them and rings the bell. Royal hits a couple of suplexes and sings a long operatic note. Velvet recovers quickly and hits leg lariat. She throws Royal into the ropes where Royals falls and she's hit from behind with double knees to the back. Red Velvet with a kick to the midsection and she hits "The Final Slice" for the pinfall.

Your winner - Red Velvet in 1:20

The Gunn Club vs Marcus Kross, T.I.M. & Patrick Scott

Austin & Colten make their entrance first. Billy follows behind wearing the Danhausen made "Ass Boys" t-shirt which has upset his sons for a few weeks. Austin tells the crowd not to chant "Ass Boys" at them or they will leave. The crowd does not cooperate with their request and the Gunn kids bail on their Dad. Bell rings and Billy tosses TIM & Kross out of the ring. He tells Scott to "suck it" and hits the Fameasser. 1,2,3. 

Your winner in 0:40 is Billy Gunn

Alex Marvez interviews Daniel Garcia who says he's going to beat Sammy Guevarra for the interim TNT Championship (spoiler alert.... he was wrong).

Tay Conti & Anna Jay vs. Charlette & Robyn Renegade

Taz & Excalibur joke that TayJay stole their pre-show entrance. Charlette starts the match against Tay and goes on to the attack and makes a quick tag to Robyn. Tay takes over and throws Robyn into her corner and tags in Anna who delivers some kicks in the corner. Neckbreaker for 1. Robyn recovers and gets Anna to their corner and they double team her hitting a suplex. Anna gets in a jaw breaker and a tag to Tay. Tay drops Robyn on her head with a vicious suplex. Running boot to both Renegades. She gives Robyn a stunner and goes for a pin that is broken up. Anna Jay comes in and they give Robyn double thrust kicks. Anna puts Charlette in the Queen Slayer and Tay puts Robyn in a leg crossface for double submissions. 

Your winners - Tay Conti & Anna Jay at 3:35

Orange Cassidy vs. J.D. Drake

Drake of "The Wingmen" comes to the ring with two masked goons that do not appear to be Nemeth, Bononi or Avalon. The Pro Wrestling Guerilla veterans lock up after trying to psych each other out. OC sticks his hands in his pockets and does the lackadaisical kicks pissing off Drake and he gets nailed with a chop and crumples to the ground. Drake misses a senton and OC tries to slam Drake, he fails and gets slammed himself. Drake charges Cassidy and falls out of the ring. Cassidy with a tope suicida onto Drake but he doesn't budge. Drake picks him up and throws him into the ropes and ring apron. Drake's goons attack OC while Drake distracts Rick Knox. Cassidy is thrown back inside and Drake takes control. Cassidy is thrown into the corners and evades Drake and is able to attack. He dives on Drake's goons, runs back in and hits a swinging DDT. OC gets his leg grabbed and he trips in the corner. Drake hits a cannonball. The goons pull Cassidy to the outside again. The Best Friends have seen enough and Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta come to the ring to even the odds. Drake tries a moonsault on Cassidy but misses. After three attempts Cassidy is finally able to bodyslam Drake. Drake pops up and is hit with the Orange Punch. 1,2,3! Best Friends give the people what they want with the thumbs up pose.

Your winner - Orange Cassidy at 9:00 minute mark. 

Dante Martin vs Aaron Solow

After some lockups and reversals Martin hits the first move with a drop kick. They go to the outside, Solow rolls back in and Martin comes in via the top rope. Martin charges Solow in the corner and gets kicked multiple times. Solow goes to the outside and gets hit by a tope. Solow gets up and back in the ring. Martin is on the top rope waiting for him and he hits the "Nose Dive" for the pin.

Your winner - Dante Martin in 3:18

Jade Cargill and Smart Mark Sterling are with Alex Marvez to announce that Skye Blue is Jade's opponent in the TBS eliminator match. If Skye loses she cannot challenge for the TBS Championship while Jade is champ. Jade says she only defends the title when there is a lot of money on the line and it's on That Bitch's Show.

Eddie Kingston vs Joey Janela (with Kayla Rossi)

First time ever match up. Kingston comes to the ring selling the beatdown he received on Rampage. The bell rings and they lock up, the crowd chants for Eddie. Kingston works the arm and escapes Janela. They trade chops until Eddie gains the advantage and throws Janela to the mat. Cover for one and Janela retreats to the corner. Kingston starts the rapid chops and Joey slides outside. He takes down Kingston and climbs to the top rope, he "falls" it distracts the ref which allows Kayla to hit Kingston with a standing moonsault. Back in the ring and Janela works over the bad leg. Janela puts him in a leg lock but Kingston chops him and it's let go. Eddie with some headbutts and Janela bounces to the floor. Eddie dives onto Joey. Both men back in. Janela in the corner and Eddie with the machine gun chops and another throw, picks him up for a German, he tries to bridge but the leg gives out and he only gets a two count. Janela backs into the corner again and Eddie climbs up and delivers punches. Janela powerbombs Kingston and hits him hard in the eye. Janela climbs the top rope but Kingston catches him for an avalanche exploder. Back to the outside. Kingston tries another exploder but he sees Rossi climbing to the top rope, he moves and she lands on Janela. Back in the ring, they trade strikes but Kingston hits a Northern Lights suplex and gets the pin. 

Your winner - Eddie Kingston in 8:33

Thunder Rosa vs. Kasey Fox (AEW debut)

Rosa extends a hand and Fox knees her in the gut. Fox goes for a Russian leg sweep and covers. Only a 1 count and Rosa goes on the offense. She throws Fox down and kicks her in the back. Rosa with a short arm clothesline which makes Fox fall into the ropes. Rosa hits her with running kicks while Fox is lying prone on the ropes. Rosa grabs Fox and puts her in the Peruvian Necktie for the quick tap out.

Your winner in 2:00 - Thunder Rosa

QT Marshall with Nick Comoroto assures Jurassic Express that they will beat them in the eliminator match and that they will beat them again to win the AEW Tag Team Championships.

Alexander Moss vs "Powerhouse" Will Hobbs

Hobbs storms to the ring and Justin Roberts can barely finish the introductions. He plows over Moss in the corner knocking him silly. Hobbs puts Moss in the Torture Rack and Moss taps out immediately. This one lasts 24 seconds.

Your winner - Powerhouse Hobbs 

Daniel Garcia vs. Fuego Del Sol

Fuego locks up and gets Garcia in a headlock but it doesn't last long. Garcia gets Del Sol into the corner and starts beating on him. Garcia suplexes him into the turnbuckles. Cover for 1. Fuego pops up but gets hit by a low cross body. Del Sol back in the corner getting hit with forearms. Fuego escapes and gets some kicks in and then rolls him up for 1. Garcia goes into the corner and Fuego hits him with a spear. Garcia is down and Fuego tries a jumping knee but misses. Garcia hits a shotgun dropkick. He follows up with a brain buster and then puts Fuego in the Sharpshooter for the tap out. Garcia doesn't release it and Sammy Guevara runs down to assist his friend. 

Your winner - Daniel Garcia in 3:43

Skye Blue vs. TBS Champion Jade Cargill

TBS eliminator match. Jade throws a clothesline but Skye rolls out of the way. Skye tries an arm drag but gets thrown across the ring. Skye runs at Jade but eats a jumping boot. Skye is able to kick Jade in the mouth and climbs to the top rope. She jumps but gets caught by Jade who gives her a Samoan drop. Skye gets up and tries a cazadora but gets caught and is planted by the "Jaded" facebuster. 1,2,3.

Your winner in 1:59 - Jade Cargill

AEW Tag Team Champions Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) vs. QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto

Our second eliminator match up. Jurassic Express come to the ring and are serenaded by the fans singing "Tarzan Boy" they are without Christian Cage. Taz sings along... poorly. JB stars vs QT. Jack turns to look at the crowd and gets kicked by QT. QT tries to take advantage but Jungle Boy is too quick he grabs his hands and bounces off the ropes and flips QT Comoroto runs in and gets drop kicked, QT is able to get a tag and Comoroto's size advantage takes over. Quick tag and QT isolated JB in the corner. They do double team moves until Jungle Boy reverses a powerbomb into a hurricanrana and gets a tag to Luchasaurus. Both men come in and Luchasaurus dominates them both. He goozles both men but Nick escapes, Luchasaurus counters and gives them the tail whip. Comoroto and Jungle Boy tag in. QT sneaks in and gives JB a pop up elbow strike and Comoroto gives him a spear on the way down and covers. JB kicks out. JB is able to get a tag to Luchasaurus. The big men trade punches. Comoroto picks up Luchasaurus for a Samoan drop but he slides out and hits another tail whip. He gives Nick a slam and covers, QT runs in but JB runs in and jumps off Luchasaurus's back and gives QT a destroyer. Luchasaurus pins Comoroto for the win. 

Your winners - Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) in 8:23

It's time for the main event!

Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy & Serpentico vs Alan "5" Angels, 10 Preston Vance of The Dark Order & the AEW World Champion "Hangman" Adam Page

Big pop for the champ. We begin with Angels and Kassidy, they lock up and they use their speed trying to get a quick pin. Kassidy finally gets Angels down and mocks the Dark Order pose. Angels gets back in the match and grabs an arm bar. He tags in 10. 10 slams Kassidy and goes for a quick pin for a 1 count. Kassidy gets up and tags Serpentico. Vance tries to use his size but Serpentico evades with his speed until he is grabed and slammed. 10 gets Serpentico in a delayed vertical suplex for a 10 count, he walks over in tags in Page who continues the suplex. Page finally drops him. Serpentico recovers and starts to chop Page to no effect. Page hits him with a short armed clothesline. Serpentico tags in Kassidy and they double team Page until he is able to tag in Angels. They knock down Kassidy and do some tandem offense. Page with a standing Shooting Star Press and Angels with a splash. Serpentico is covered by Angels and kicks out. He rolls outside where MAtt HArdy is waiting for ANgels. He hits Angels and puts him back in the ring. Serpentico tags in Kassidy who tags Hardy and they double team Angels. Hardy gives him the Deletion turnbuckle smashes. Tag back to Kassidy who does "Poetry in Motion ''. Kassidy gets Angels into his team's corner and tags Serpentico back in. They try to double team Angels who evades them and is able to get the tag to 10. 10 takes down everyone with pump kicks and a spinebuster to Kassidy. Tag to Hardy who gives 10 a neckbreaker. Kassidy tags in and tries to do Poetry in Motion with Serpentico and it doesn't work. Hot tag to Page who gives Serpentico a big backdrop. Page dives on Hardy on the outside. Page sets up the Buckshot Lariat but Kassidy pulls out Serpentico. Angels dives on them. Hardy tags in and gives Page a jawbreaker. misses a Twist of Fate that Hangman reverses into one of his own. Angels follows up with the splash on Hardy. Tag to Angels but Hardy gives him Splash Mountain. 10 and Kassidy come in, Page intercepts and powerbombs Kassidy. Blind tag by Serpentco who climbs to the top rope on the see 5, 10 & Page waiting for him, he dives anyway but nobody is there and he hits the mat. Powerbomb by 10, Serpentico gets up and is hit with the Buckshot Lariat and is pinned. 

Your winners - Alan "5" Angels, 10 Preston Vance & "Hangman" Adam Page in 15 minutes

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