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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-01-14 00:35:00

Impact Wrestling 


I love these infrequent weeks where I get to cover Impact. It’s like a true joy to find out just see how things are going over there. We start with a recap of Hard To Kill, some highlights include the invasion of ROH, Mickie James retaining the Impact Women’s Championship on her improbable path to the WWE Royal Rumble. 

We go live and W Morrissey blows in the door and into the Impact Zone, looking for Moose, who cost him the Impact Championship on his way to retaining the thing. Morrissey demands Moose get out here. He doesn’t. Moose was down for a 10 count to Morrissey so he doesn’t deserve it. Morrissey demands Moose have the balls to face SOMEBODY man to man. The champ does not respond. Morrissey refuses to stop until he gets an Impact title match…and he wants one TONIGHT. Moose comes in on the big screen. He says he proved he’s the greatest champion. Morrissey had him beat…but he didn’t beat him. Moose is giving a title shot tonight…to someone else. Someone who has never had a shot before because W Morrissey is going to the back of the line. Morrissey says he won’t make it to the match and goes hunting back stage. Morrissey is furious and Scott D’Amore says tonight’s title match is happening. 

Meanwhile, Matt Taven and Vincent have invaded the commentary table and takes their headsets. D-Lo Brown tries to fight them off but Vincent and Mike Bennett beat him down. PCO is here and sentons off the apron to put D-Ali through a table! Taven terrorizing Tom Hannifan until a pile of referees run the ROH crew off. 

X-Division Champ Trey Miguel hops onto commentary for this next matchup. 

Match 1: Chris Bey vs Laredo Kid 

Bey going hard with strikes and kicks out of the gate. Kid with a stiff chop, slips a charge, enziguri and a crossbody. Kid dodges a double stomp and sends Bey to the floor. Triangle crossbody and Bey is flattened! Bey with a kick to the head, runs up and flips off the post! Bey takes it to Laredo Kid with kicks and stomps. Trey is shook and worried about D-Lo. Backbreaker on the top rope, slingshot elbow to the back, Kid kicks out! Bey sends Kid to the floor, chops him up on the barricade, and tries to get in Trey’s head. Kid with a back drop onto the top rope! Laredo Kid with a suicide dive headbutt to the gut on the floor! Laredo Kid hits a pair of moonsaults for two. Bey with a shoulder to the gut, spine buster, brain buster! Kick out! “Get you someone that looks at you like Bey look at Me” Laredo with a quick roll up doesnt end it. Bey with a big kick! Laredo with a Superman punch, enziguri, flip belly to belly and Bey is done!

Winner: Laredo Kid 

Eddie Edwards is backstage with his team from Hard to Kill. They have unfinished business from the PPV and they’re going hunting backstage for their quarry.

Brian Myers gives advice to VSK and Zicky Dice…but Dice has a world title match tonight! He is Moose’s opponent?!? He gets a huge pizza delivered so he can carb load for the big match.

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton hang at the commentary table for this next war. 

Match 2: Jake Something vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey

True Story: Speedball Bailey was in the first Beyond match I ever saw live. I’m very excited for him to get this opportunity. Something hits a powerful shoulder block but Bailey kips up and hits a dropkick. Something absorbs but Bailey with more kicks and a dropkick sends Something to the floor. Speedball fakes a dive, Jake catches him and powerbombs on the apron. Big forearm rocks Speedball for two. Speedball misses a kick to the buckles, big body attack! Something misses a dive, Speedball inside out with a flying reverse ddt. Bailey escapes a powerbomb, series of kicks, running corkscrew moonsault for two! Something catches Bailey and turns him inside out from a seated position. He stands up and falcon arrows Bailey! Spin kick crash Something into the corner. Bailey hits the Ultima Weapon (shooting star double knees to the back) for the win!

Winner: Mike Bailey

The Good Brothers and Violent by Design are backstage and arguing over their failure to win against Eddie Edwards & crew. They look like they might splinter but rally around beating down Rhino, who came into their area alone. 

Backstage interview with Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green. They both failed at the PPV. Matt is disappointed and Green puts over the match itself. Cardona is always underselling himself. Green says she unhooked the X and Tasha stole it from her. Tasha Steelz is here to rub her loss and the #1 contender spot in Green’s face. Chelsea wants a piece of Tasha next week. Steelz tries to back out of it but Green shoves her down and walks off.

Match 3: Masha Slamovich vs Vert Vixen

I am WELL VERSED in Masha’s work. Big boot at the bell. Yanking Vert over by the hair repeatedly. Hard whip to the buckles, Masha takes a forearm and it just fires her up. Big lariat and a DVD gives Masha the quick win!

Winner: Masha Slamovich

As she leaves, Josh Alexander meets her on the ramp, gives a nod of respect as he comes out to the Impact Zone. Josh has been told he needs to keep his emotions in check…so he can get his championship match. He goes through a laundry list of pain he’s gone through and Moose stealing his title? Burned into his soul. Moose needs to beat him truly if he wants to be the real champion. If Moose wants to wrestle Zicky Dice tonight, he has to go through Alexander. As he wraps up on the mic, music hits. 

It’s freakin’ CHARLIE HAAS?!?!

Haas introduces himself to his Impact audience he is debuting in front of. He puts Josh Over hard as a workhorse. They’ve had similar roads…Josh is a pinnacle…and Haas has a lot in the tank. He challenges Josh Alexander to a one on one! Alexander says it would be an honor to step into the ring with him….but he needs his title match first. Otherwise, Haas is just another obstacle on his path back to the title. Haas says Josh is the obstacle and decks Josh! Security pulls apart their brawl. Josh says Haas is getting the match he wants! 

Backstage with ROH Women’s Champ Rok-C, Mickie James comes in to welcome her before her title for title match against Deonna Purazzo. James warns Rok-C that Deonna is intense…and to be ready to go to the next level. 

Match 4: Zicky Dice (w/ Brian Myers & VSK) vs Moose(c) (for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship)

Moose is wearing his suit for this. He does not take it off. Zicky with a flying forearm and Moose shrugs it off. Moose hits a uranage and gets a one foot three count

Winner: Moose

W Morrisey hits the ring and big boots Zicky out of the way as Moose escapes. Morrisey picks up the Impact title Moose left behind. Moose gets the belt but VSK eats a giant chokeslam. Morrisey wants his shot….and gives chase to the champ, who escapes by car. 

Scott D’Amore is out to give an update on D-Lo and also clarify that Matt Taven’s gang of ROH villains does not represent ROH like Jonathan Gresham & Rok-C. Raj Singh is out here to call the crowd infidels and demand an opponent from D’Amore. Scott gives him JONAH.

Match 5: Raj Singh vs Jonah 

Singh’s shots do nothing to Jonah. Raj is able to stay out of the big man’s grasp but can’t whip him. Press slam

Toss from Jonah…running senton! Jonah off the top, frog splash for the pin!

Winner: Jonah

Tenille Dashwood, Madison & Kaleb have a run in with Rosemary and Havok. They want to fight next week. Meanwhile, the camera pans to a laid out Eddie Edwards. 

Interview with Jonathan Gresham. He’s really confused about what Taven & crew are doing here in Impact. He says that his faction The Foundation upholds the Code of Honor. Steve Maclin gets in Gresham’s face and says he’s turning his back on his ROH brethren. Gresham says he’ll show MackIn was honor is. Next week they fight under Pure rules!

ROH’s Ian Riccaboni joins the commentary table and brings apologies on behalf of ROH. 

Main Event: Deonna Purazzo (w/ Mathew Rehwoldt) (AAA Reina de Reinas Champion) vs Rok-C (ROH Women’s Champion) (Title for Title Match)

Rok-C with a shoulder block and gets into Deonna’s head with her own curtsy. Deonna has to escape to the rope quick to avoid a crossface! Arm drags and a backflip knees for two! Rok-C tries to spring off the top rope but Deonna shoves her off to the floor. Matthew Rehwoldt is at the commentary table now too. Deonna working over the wrist and shoulder, tearing the limb down to the mat. Deonna stands on the arm and yelling into Rok-C’s face. Rok-C firing up with strikes, they lock wrists and Deonna flips her over and snaps the arm again. Deonna gets a two. Straight jacket choke, Rok-C flips out, Deonna sent into the steel post! They make the ref’s ten count, Rok-C with a big and a second rope Thez press! Tilt a whirl side Russian leg sweep! Rok-C applies her submission finish but her arm can’t hold it! Deonna with a shot to the arm, running knee, side Russian leg sweep into the Fujiwara arm bar! Rok-C almost steals the roll up win! Code red and Deonna kicks out! Crowd is split between the two but are loving this. Deonna with a counter for a second code red into the fujiwara…Rok-C reverses to the Rok Lock! Deonna kicks off the rope and turns it to the fujiwara armbar. Deonna is torquing it hard. The ref wants to call it off but Rok-C grabs his foot to prevent it. Deonna grabs both arms and tears them back for the Venus di Milo. Rok-C fights the pain but has nowhere to go! She submits to the pain and Deonna is a double champion!

Winner (and new ROH Women’s Champion): Deonna Purazzo

Maria Kinellis is out here to get in Deonna’s face. Taven, Vincent, Bennett, PCO are here. Rehwoldt tries to save her but they beat him down. Willie Mack and Rich Swann try to even the odds but the ROH crew lay them out as well and pose for the hard cam as we go to the credits.

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