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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-13 18:22:00

A few readers have asked whether Tammy Sytch's arrest today could have any legal ramifications on her previous legal issues.   Sytch stated in June 2021 that her previous legal issues in New Jersey and Pennsylvania had been resolved, so if that is the case, there should not be any new issues stemming from today's arrest.   

Court records in PA indicate the only movement in regard to Sytch's previous case in that State was an October 2021 notice that Sytch was 923 days overdue on making a payment towards her court costs.  Court records indicate Sytch currently owes $3,857.06 to Carbon County, PA with the last payment of $120 paid on 6/15/20.  

In regard to reader queries about an apparent Sytch arrest last month in Daytona Beach, Florida that has come up online after today's arrest, Daytona Beach Police confirmed to that their officers had several contacts with Sytch on Saturday 12/18/21. was told there were two instances that the Department had contact with Sytch on that date, the first being a call related to an alleged domestic violence incident and the second being a check into her well being.   Neither contact resulted in an arrest, but Volusia County Corrections in Florida did, at one point, list Sytch as being booked into their facility on Saturday 12/18 at 11:14 PM Eastern and then being released the following day, Sunday 2/19 at 3:45 PM Eastern.   However, the Daytona Beach Police Department stated to that Sytch was never, ever arrested and that they have no arrest report in their records related to either of the aforementioned contacts.

Sytch wrote on her Facebook page she was in Florida last month for a vacation and to celebrate her 49th birthday.  We are told she just recently returned home to New Jersey, where she resides.

Sytch was hospitalized in November 2021 for ten days due to issues with her gall bladder in New Jersey.

There is no word yet on an arraignment for today's arrest in New Jersey, where she was charged with two charges of illegally possessing a weapon (listed as other weapons, which would mean something other than a firearm) and one charge of terroristic threats, listed as "occurs during state of emergency."  Sytch is currently incarcerated at Monmouth County Correctional in Freehold, NJ.

Keanburg police declined to provide with details on the circumstances of Sytch's arrest this evening.

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