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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-13 10:00:00


I saw someone on Twitter write that you did an interview with Wardlow to kill a story that WWE was interested in him and timed it to release that information coming out?  Would you like to respond to that?

Yes, as much as I'd like to slam my hand in my car door.  First, if you are going to start with "I saw someone on Twitter" you may as well write, "My neighbor was screaming out a window" and I'd like to ask you why you put any credence into a random person writing random stupidity?

The Wardlow interview was recorded Tuesday morning at 11 AM and was on the site by 11:20 AM that same day, well ahead of any "WWE wants Wardlow" rumors making the rounds this week, so factually, nothing in your question makes any sense when you hold it up to scrutiny. 

That silliness would mean the rumor came out and I traveled back in time to the day before it came out to conduct the interview, then waited for the rumor to come out to post the highlights from the interview that had been transcribed in advance waiting for the moment the rumor came out.  Sometimes, those who spend too much online just need to be let out to get some sunshine and roam freely.  This is one of those times and now that I have answered this question, Doc Brown and I have to go pick up Einstein and head over to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.

What do you think of WWE bringing Mickie James back?  Is this to make up for the garbage bag stuff?

I think it was sparked by the fact that the company needs 30 women to compete in the Rumble match and that by bringing her in, it helped put out the fire of the garbage bag controversy from a few months back.  I actually think it's a cool idea as long as she's not in and out faster than Santino Marella and they should follow up by announcing her for the WWE Hall of Fame.

What does Impact get out of Mickie working the Rumble?

They got a bunch of excited fans talking about their Knockouts Champion the night before their PPV and last minute buzz can't hurt a show.  They also got their champion mentioned by name on Smackdown, which had over 2 milllion viewers vs. the 100,000 or so that watch Impact.  What didn't they get out of it?

Will Mickie James' new WWE action figure come with a garbage bag to keep her stuff in?

I am going to guess that's a no.

With New Japan returning to AXS TV, what is up with New Japan on Roku?

We looked into this and learned the Roku series will continue on.  They have a non-exclusive deal with Roku, so New Japan can sign additional deals anywhere they want, including AXS TV.

What female star do you want to see get more attention this year?

Miranda Alize, Trish Adora, Megan Bayne all come to mind.

If there's no Takeover and no Hall of Fame, what is there to do Wrestlemania weekend?

Two nights of Wrestlemania, Three days of AXXESS, days of Wrestlecon, MLW, AAA, ROH, Impact Wrestling and independent wrestling?  So, yeah, I guess it'll be a boring weekend.


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