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By Anthony Pires on 2022-01-12 20:28:00

It's Wednesday night! And you know what that means.  AEW Dynamite is LIVE and in living color from Raleigh, NC.  Deeb v Shida IV? Yes Please!  

Adam Cole comes out to the ring with Fish and O'Riley. He's not dressed to fight.  It's story time with Adam Cole Bay Bay.  Cole puts over his singles undefeated record in AEW.  The Young Bucks come out and Kyle isn't too thrilled about it.  The Bucks remind them that it's their company.  reDragon lets the Bucks know that it's their goal as well to win the AEW World Tag Team Title. Cole runs down Best Friends and, of course, they come out immediately.  Cassidy with a doublegw leg to Cole and the factions brawl about ringside.  Low blow by Cole. Kris Statlander comes out to stop Cole.  Britt Baker forearms her from behind.  Baker stops the Bucks from kissing Cole's cheek and plants a big kiss on her man.

BTW congratulations to Dr. Britt Baker on winning three PWI Achievement awards

The Bucks and ReDragon look at Cole untrustingly as he leaves the ring.

During commercial we see a guy lighting himself on fire while solving a Rubix Cube on Go Big Show.  Ouch

Wardlow  vs. CM Punk

MJF comes out first to support Mr. Mayhem.  The fans love them some CM Punk.  Punk bails to confront MJF but Wardlow blocks him. Lockup, Wardlow throws him back.  Headlock by Punk, shoulderblock by Wardlow.  Lockup, Wardlow back him up, Punk with strikes but Wardlow with a big clothesline and stomps to the ground.  Wardlow puts the boots to him in the corner.  Punk with leg kicks out of the corner, he tries for the GTS but Wardlow shoves him off.  Punk bails as we go to commercial.

We're back and it's Wardlow sending Punk HARD into the buckles.  Punk with a boot to the face off of a charge.  Wardlow blocks a DDT.  Punk escapes a powerbomb and it's Punk with a kick and a series of clotheslines.  Punk sends him down with a springboard clotheline.  Punk with a running knee but Wardlow with a powerbomb.  A 2nd powerbomb by Wardlow. A 3rd.  A 4th..A 5th.  MJF insists that Wardlow NOT score the pin.  He wants more. Wardlow connects with a 6th powerbomb, then a 7th.  MJF clears out the timekeepers table and Wardlow sends him through it on the 8th powerbomb.

Punk makes it back before 10.

MJF demands another powerbomb. Punk with a small package for the pin.


MJF is not happy and demands they cut the music.  He verbally dresses down Wardlow.  Wardlow moves in but Shawn Spears tries to keep the peace.  Wardlow walks off.

Dante Martin vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Things kick off fast as Martin nails Hobbs with a dropkick to the floor. It takes little out of Hobbs as he nails a big clothesline and tosses him back into the ring.  Hobbs with a big suplex, followed by a second. Choke by Hobbs but Martin fires away at the midsection. Big clothesline by Hobbs. Hobbs with big right hands. Martin kicks his way to freedom but Hobbs with a forearm.  Martin escapes a torture rack but a running cross body for 2 by Hobbs.  Into the buckle goes Martin.  Hoibbs sends Martin to the floor as we go to commercial.


I just saw the picture of David Crockett and Tony Schiavone visiting the GREAT Bob Caudle earlier.  That puts a smile on my face.  Also, David Crockett is awesome.

Back to live action and Hobbs nails Martin with a heavy right hand.  Kick by Martin and he nails a big drop kick and an enziguiri. Missile dropkick and a tornado corkscrew by Martin.  Pounce by Hobbs, he's favoring his jaw.  Ricky Starks is at ringside and tries to interfere.  Jay Lethal stops him as Martin nails a cutter for the pin.


Alex MArvez is with Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Santana and Ortiz. Eddie Kingston interrupts. He wants Garcia ahead of Sammy Guevara.  Jericho wants Kingston to shut up.  Santana wants them to get their stuff together.  

MJF storms out to the stage.  He wants NC to keep their hillbilly mouths shut and challenges Punk to a match after his fluke win.  Of course, the challenge is for Shawn Spears to meet Punk.

Cole, the Bucks and ReDragon have some words for best friends.  Dr. Baker issues a mixed tag challenge for next week.

Here comes AEW World Champion Adam Page. He wants a new challenger and Dan Lambert comes out and puts over Bill Watts, The Funks and Stan Hansen.  Lambert respects Page but tells him he's not a true cowboy.  Lance Archer comes out and Lariats Page. Archer with a pair of chair shots and a blackout on a chair.  Archer has made a huge statement here.

Arn Anderson, Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson are in the back with Tony.  Tully Blanchard and FTR interrupt and want Brock to join them.  Next week, it's Johnson and Anderson vs. FTR.

We see highlights of Jade Cargill's TBS title victory.

Hikaru Shida vs Serena Deeb

Deeb attacks in the aisle and clips Shida's knee and nails her with a kendo stick and forearms. Deeb slams her into the steps.  Shida says she can go and makes it to the ring. Deeb swarms her and kicks away at the knee.  Dragon Screw by Deeb and attacks the left knee of Shida. Another Dragon Screw by Deeb.  Deeb tears off Shida's kneepad and slams the knee into the mat.  Deeb applies a single leg crab and Paul Turner stops the match.


Deeb introduces a new kendo stick and destroys Shida's knee with it.

Tony Schiavone is with Jurassic Express. Any top 5 team is welcome to a match.  Alex Reynolds and John Silver challenge them at Rampage.

Matt Hardy w/Private Party vs. Penta El Zero Miedo w/Alex Abrahantes

Reby Hardy is in the front row with at least 2 of their children.  A little trash talk kicks us off. Penta pulls off his glove and nails a reverse kick into a superkick.  Big overhand chop by Penta as we go to commercial.

As we come back to live action, Hardy has Penta down but Penta with a kick and a sling blade for 2.  Hardy blocks the fear factor and hits a DDT for 2.  Hardy with a punch.  Penta escapes a superplex and hits a double stomp for 2. Chops by Penta, Hardy fires back.  They exchange blows until Matt hits a side effect on the apron.  Penta blocks a twist of fate.  Matt misses a moonsault and Penta with a Fear Factor for the pin.


After the match, Penta challenges Malakai Black. Lights go out.  When they come back, Black is in the ring and lays out Penta until the Varsity Blondes make the save. As the Blondes and Penta circle him, the lights go out.  When they come back, Brody King is in the ring and lays out The Blondes.  For the record, Julia Hart is decked out in black and doesn't seem all in on the Blondes.

Tony is with Statlander, Red Velvet and Leyla Hirsch.  Hirsch and Statlander are not getting along.

The Acclaimed vs. Bear Country

Bear Country with tandem shoulder blocks, they press slam Bowens onto Caster.  Big back elbow to Bowens by Bronson. Caster sends Bear Country into each other as he tags in Caster.  Caster with a high cross body as we go to commercial.

We're back and Bowens with an attempted powerbomb by Caster gets thwarted.  Boulder gets tagged in and goes to work on the Acclaimed and nails a double flatliner.  Bowens pulls Caster out of the way of a Boulder Bomb.  Caster clotheslines him on the top rope and Bownes nails an elbow off the top for the pin.


The Lights go out (again) and here comes Sting.  Allin attacks from the crowd and nails a running splash in the corner.  Sting with a Death Drop to Caster and Sting and Allin celebrate.

Pac has a few words for us.  He'll be back soon for revenge on Malakai Black.

Matt Hardy is frustrated. Something has to change. Andrade interrupts. He wants an alliance of some sort.  Matt wants the meeting to be private.

TNT Interim Championship: Sammy Guevara (Interim Champion) vs. Danny Garcia

David Crockett is here to present the title to the winner.  Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston are at ringside for Sammy.  Lockup, side headlock take down by Garcia and we've got fisticuffs. Right hand by Garcia, followed by an uppercut.  Kick and a snap mare by the Interim Champion, he sends Garcia to the floor and nails a tope suicida. Chops by Guevara.  Snap suplex by the champion.  Gacia blocks the GTH and hits a backbreaker as we go to commercial.

We're back and Guevara rains elbows on Garcia.  Sammy with a pair of back elbows and an enziguiri.  Garcia bails but Sammy with a spingboard 450 to the outside.  Garcia pulls Sammy off the 2nd rope and hits a backdrop driver for 2.  Inside cradle for 2 by Guevara.  Garcia with a sharpshooter. Garcia wreches back deep by Sammy makes the ropes.  Gacia misses a dropkick.  Cross Rhodes by Sammy for 2.  Stomp by Guevara. Sammy goes for a springboard cutter but Garcia apples a choke.  Piledriver by Garcia for 2.  Enziguiri by Guevara for 2.  2.0 runs out and jumps Jericho. Knee strike by Sammy, he ends up connecting with the GTH for the pin.


2.0 attacks Guevara but Jericho fights them off. Kingston isn't happy for some reason.

We go to credits.


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