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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-12 14:20:00

Texas' IHWE announced the following:

See some of the best of the southwest on March 31st in Historic Fort Worth, Texas.

Thursday March 31st at Ridglea Theater (Site of the 2016 Parade of Champions event)

IHWE & IHW will present a Doubleheader!

Gets started Thursday Afternoon at 3 pm:

2021/2022 Southern Wrestling Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Class of 2021 SWHOF Class

Main Event Mike Foxx

The Professional John Allen

Stew Myrick-Journalism

Dan Bynum-Production

Jeff & Jerry Brown-Tag Team

Super Dave Miller-Official

Showtime Scot Summers

Fred Urban-Promoter

Bruiser Bull Schmitt

Chaz & Tug Taylor-Family


Class of 2022 (Confirmed as of Jan 2022)

the Destroyer Dick Beyer

Wahoo McDaniel

The Original Playa Lance Romance-(Promoter, Manager, Talent Agent)

Jessica James

The Overboys Joey Corman & Samir-Tag Team w/Manager Mike Paige

Jp Black

Jared Steele

Austin Kellerman-Production

Inductions will take Place during the afternoon on March 31st 2022!

(Some will be via video induction based on the Inductee or Family Preference)

More Southern Wrestling Hall of Fame


5 PM Insane Hardcore Wrestlng RETURNS!

X-Treme Combat 2022

The Texas based 90's backyard promotion that kickstarted the career of Necro Butcher makes a return to Fort Worth. The gritty promotion will present a unique hard hitting brand of Professional Wrestling. Jazz, Rodney Mack, Brian Kendrick have all been through the IHW ring in 1998-1999. 

See on 3.31 at X-Treme Combat

Sam Stackhouse

Tommy Prince

Gabe Wilder

Hoss Holding

The Unknown

Korey O'Neal

Joe Angelo Garcia

Phil Noir

Reggie Lincoln

Morgan Mercy

And More!

7 pm IHWE Old School Hustle 2022

The historic mega event for IHWE that in it's history as seen: Matt Borne, Jim Cornette, Kyle O'Reilly, Lance Archer, Jerry Lynn, Stan Hansen, Charlie Haas, Myron Reed, Terrale Tempo, Delilah Doom, Athena, Laynie Luck, and others!

The Historic event will feature a New IHWE Champion Crowned, plus the 1st ever Battle of Fort Worth!

The 2022 Edition will feature such Texas stars as:

Aaon Eagle

Mysterious Q

T-Ray Watford

Chris Carter

Max Heights

Big Fitz

The Mountain Trevin Pomier

Rob Exotic

Angel Omega

And the Debut of Damon McCullough!

Follow IHWE on Youtube & Social Media:


All Events will take place at

Ridglea Theater (Home of 2016 Parade of Champions)

6025 Camp Bowie Blvd

Fort Worth Texas 76116

Stay Tuned for more talent announcements & ticket Information!

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