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By Dave Scherer on 2022-01-12 10:00:00

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If you were TNA/Impact Wrestling, would you want Mickie James to enter the Royal Rumble as the Knockouts champion or have her drop it before?  This reminds me of when Tazz beat Mike Awesome for the ECW championship so he can job to Triple H within the same week.  They could easily have James enter the Rumble and beat Santinos record.

Provided I worked out a scenario where Mickie looked strong and her elimination wasn’t a squash, I would want her to be the champ.  Impact is doing it to get some publicity so if their champ looks strong, it may get them some new eyeballs.

Can a finish to a match be changed on the fly in the ring? Obviously if someone had got hurt or some other circumstance happened, then that’s different. But if the match goes as planned, then the one booked to win, can they call an audible and instead of hitting their finisher, and then the pin, use their finishing submission? And vice versa?

In the big companies, the wrestlers can’t make that decision.  The refs are in contact with the back however so management can tell the ref to change things if they choose to.

Why would WWE downplay or outright not mention some cities they broadcast live from?  Most recently it was Greenville, South Carolina, part of a media market larger than Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and Austin.

That is a call from the boss.  I don’t ever try to understand the mind of Vince McMahon.

Any updates on WWE Hall of Fame 2022?

Nope, nothing to report at this time.  TBD.

Can you PLEASE tell Tony Khan that I am really rooting for him and AEW and that the only thing that turns me off about them is when he acts like a baby on Twitter.  The Big Swole response made me want to skip AEW this week (but I didn’t).  I don’t know about the future though.

You just did (provided he reads this).  I hope he listens.  He is doing so much right.  The one thing Vince McMahon still does better than Tony is how he handles himself on social media.  Tony could learn from him.

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