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By Dave Scherer on 2022-01-11 10:00:00

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Despite his raw talent, the Bron Breakker name reeks of silly New WWF Generation cheese.  And even during that era, there was never anyone on top who had a name that ridiculous.  And there has been a precedent set of WWE axing or modifying the name of their biggest top guy in changing Rocky Maivia to The Rock.  So my question is, if Bronson Rechsteiner makes it to the top of the business, is there a good chance he’s losing the Bron Breakker name on the way up?

I would guess no at this point.  They chose that name AS they were rebranding NXT to be like the main roster.  And really, is Bron Breakker really worse than Braun Strowman or Big E?  Both of them because champs.

I have a question about MLW. Can you explain me how they are working with their TV show? Is Atzeca the only tv show right now or they are running Fusion too? I'm from Italy, so, where I can watch all the product?

The Bunny-Ford vs. Conti-Anna Jay street fight was a good hard hitting match. I didn't need the blood but it did take it to another level. That being said, I noticed referee Rick Knox never put on gloves even though there was a lot of blood. Did he just forget or am I right in thinking the blood might not have been real. Not taking anything away from the ladies, it was a tough match either way, but I don't like basically being told "this is fake blood and we aren't going to hide it, but act like it's real even though we are blatantly saying it's fake".

I don’t think that is what Knox was saying by not wearing gloves.  I think he was just cementing his reputation as the worst referee in the business.

Nick Khan has seemingly been given more power in WWE than anyone other than McMahon family member. But Vince is still the boss, who sacked George Barrios and Michelle Wilson despite what they did for the company. What happens if Vince has a falling out with Nick Khan after he has gutted WWE? No one except Vince is safe from the axe.

Khan has more power than family members too, just ask Triple H about what just happened to his vision of NXT.  With that said, sure anyone that works for Vince knows that could end some day.  He has made it clear that no one is safe from the axe.

With the small wrestling promotions giving out contracts, these companies don’t run many dates. What’s the point of a contract for the talents if the contract restricts the wrestlers opportunity to work with other companies?

The contract is to have a salary that the talent can count on and a place to perform that could lead to getting a better contract on the next go round in most cases.  I mean, if AEW is offering a bigger deal, for instance, someone would take it.

With all of the WWE releases, do you see Hunter retiring? Waiting patiently for Vince to step down, or maybe starting his own promotion?

I can’t say what he would do, but after what Vince McMahon did to his baby (NXT), his vision for the NXT product and his staff, I can’t see him wanting to come back and work, especially from a serious cardiac issue.  I don’t think he will start his own company or anything like that.  One, it’s a probable money loser and two the family dynamic just doesn’t make it seem like a possibility.  So, I don’t know what his future holds but if it was me, I would be in no hurry to come back to work for Vince at this time.

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