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By Dave Scherer on 2022-01-09 10:00:00

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I forgot to set my DVR to TBS so it didn’t record Dynamite on Wednesday.  Is there anything I can do about that?

I have YouTubeTV so whatever station a program I added to my library airs on, it records it.  For example, on the weeks that Smackdown goes to FS1, I don’t have to anything.  It records it.  With cable, as far as I know you have to manually change your DVR.

Page vs. Danielson was awesome.  My only complaint was the blood.  It wasn’t needed.  Why does Tony Khan continue the practice of blading?

All I can figure is that he likes it and wants to see it.  I am with you, it adds nothing to the match for me.  I don’t need it to make a match better.  Everyone is different.  Blood makes a match better for some while for others, like me, it detracts from the bout.  All I can think when I see it is, “Damn, that person just sliced their head open.  If my kid did that, I would get her mental health help.”

After this latest batch of releases in WWE (maybe the last couple) is there anybody you think Tony Khan should squeeze into the AEW roster, or is AEW pretty packed at this point, even for the likes of Samoa Joe?

Absolutely.  If it’s me, I have a conversation with William Regal and Brian James immediately.  They were very important cogs in the NXT product and would be huge assets to AEW.  There are other people out there who I think could help the company with its infrastructure.  At the end of the day, I would always find a spot for someone that could help my product if I were in his position.

With NXT being gutted, and ROH looking pretty DOA, do you see a third promotion feasibly happening that can use all that talent (plus Triple H’s backstage team) that isn’t making it into AEW?

Hmm, it would take a promotion with money to spend to take on those people.  Maybe New Japan could use them to try and gain a real footprint in the US.  I don’t see any existing promotions spending the money or giving up the booking of their companies.

Despite the most likely crappy 2.0 booking of it, will Bron Breakker vs Walter be “Shut Up and Take My Money” kinda match?

It sure should be.  Walter is great and Breakker definitely is on his way.  But as you mentioned, Vince will be overseeing the booking so that scares me.

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