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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-13 09:30:00

Peacemaker starring John Cena is now streaming on HBO Max, with the first three episodes now available.  The first episode will also debut on HBO in 1/15.

The plot of episode 1 features the following plot - "Set in Peace, AL, Peace Maker, or better known as PeaceMaker, has one goal in mind - to make peace. However, he soon discovers peace isn't so easy to make alone. He forms a rag-tag gang with fellow peace enthusiasts Piece Major and Peas Sprayer. As a group, Peace, Piece, and Peas make peace piece-by-piece."

In September 2020, HBO Max ordered an eight-episode first season for the Peacemaker series starring Cena with James Gunn, the writer and director of Squad and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy returning to write and direct the series.  The series will explore Peacemaker's background and what happens to him after the Suicide Squad film, which is also streaming currently on HBO Max.

In promotional material for the film, Cena described this take on Peacemaker as a "douchey Captain America."  Cena's portrayal of Peacemaker was the first ever live action incarnation of the character, a soldier and super-hero who loves peace so much he is willing to kill anyone, including innocents, for it.   The character was originally created by the now-defunct Charlton Comics but acquired by DC in the mid-80s, mostly as a gift for the legendary Dick Giordano, who had worked on the characters before his incredible run for DC.  The character was the inspiration for Watchmen's The Comedian as well.

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