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By Mike Johnson on 2022-01-08 10:00:00

Do you really think ROH is coming back?

Joe Koff publicly says it is.  We have to wait until April to see.

Was Matt Bloom cut?

No, he is still running the WWE Performance Center, as of this writing.

Are we ever going to get another Wrestlemania in Philadelphia?  It's been YEARS.

I've heard zero about Philly being a future Wrestlermania home.  I remember years ago, WWE felt that Philadelphia mishandled their bidding for Wrestlemania 31, believing that the city didn't really go out of their way to make a bid or even attempt to try and have the show hosted there, so I don't see WWE bending over backwards to make it happen anytime soon unless Philly makes it worth their while.

Second Philly question: 3PW ran pretty impressive shows but is now defunct.  Would WWE be interested in purchasing their video library? 

Steve Karel's Stonecutter Media bought that library years ago, so if WWE wanted it, they'd have to acquire it from him.

FINALLY, What's your favorite Philly venue of all time?

Anyone who knows me knows I am going to say the 2300 Arena.  PERIOD.  I have probably spent more time in that venue than any other building I've ever gone to and Philly is absolutely the city I've traveled to the most for wrestling.

Who is the fan dressed as Dusty Rhodes that was on Rampage?

It's a New Jersey-based fan.  I have seen him at other shows.  I don't know more than that.

Why don't you have a podcast?

I do audio...just about EVERY day...for our Elite subscribers.  That's why.  If I ever did somethijng in the podcast space, it would probably be something non-wrestling that only I would care about and want to do and I wouldn't care about it making money or getting attention, but the reality is I don't have time for anything beyond my duties and family responsibilities.   But, my audio efforts are focused on the site's subscribers.

Whatever happened to your appearances on The Taz Show?

Taz chose to leave what used to be CBS Radio and moved onto AEW, hence no more show.  I appreciated the forum and the ability be on WFAN in NYC for his post-PPV specials and the regular slot Taz invited me to be on.  It was a lot of fun and truly fulfilling.  But, the show ended at Taz's discretion, hence, no more appearances!


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