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By Dave Scherer on 2022-01-05 10:00:00

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Did WWE kill all of the good things that they had done with Brock Lesnar on Raw?

That was my thought exactly.  I was excited to see what they would do and by the time the segment ended, they had blown all of the fun that they built up with him on Smackdown.  He is back to being the old Brock it seems.  I hope that they have a better plan.

I've seen the video of the difference between the Diamond Cutter and SCSA's finisher being very similar. i've got another one for you, except it's not a finisher. It's a pose. Watching Edge come out with his wife, the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix, I couldn't help notice when she raised her hands, it was virtually identical to Randy Orton's classic pose. Have you noticed this, as well?

I think it's similar, for sure.  At the end of the day, I guess there are only so many gestures that someone can do.

After John Morrison was released, they essentially gave his gimmick to Seth Rollins.  Then, Franky Monet (his significant other) was released, and now they have given her gimmick to Tiffany Stratton.  Coincidence or no?

WWE is all about creating “characters”, not making individuals into stars.  So no, I see no way it’s coincidence.

Can I bounce a statement off you?  The Attitude Era belonged to Steve Austin.  He was the guy then, and as big a WWE star the Rock was, he was always going to be a Randy Savage to Steve Austin’s Hulk Hogan.  With that said, Dwayne Johnson became bigger than wrestling and WWE thanks to the launchpad provided to him from the Attitude Era. To follow up, with all the business ventures The Rock has been doing the past few years, energy drinks, alcohol, clothing deals with Under Armor, buying the XFL, etc, has The Rock become bigger than Hollywood?

It’s hard for me to say the Era belonged to Austin.  He and Vince McMahon had the biggest feud, but Rock was huge as well.  With that said, he has definitely become the bigger star/entrepreneur after he left the business.  Is he too big for Hollywood?  I don’t think so because Hollywood is where he makes most of his money.

Was Randy Savage a bigger crossover star than Hulk Hogan.  Macho Man has Slim Jim, voice acting roles, and even a role in Spider-Man.  Hogan had ventures outside of wrestling, but nothing as noteworthy as Savage, at least to my memory.

Hmm, I would have to say Hogan was the bigger crossover star of the two.  He was the go to “wrestling star” for decades for most outlets that wanted a grappler associated with their project.

With Brock winning the WWE title at Day 1, should WWE use his unfinished business with Roman as a way to unify both belts?  It doesn’t matter what WWE tries to tell us, one of the World titles is always going to look more important than the other, so why not have just one world title?

Would I like to see it?  Yes, I would because the build to it (Monday’s Raw appearance not withstanding) it should be great.  But, with two shows on two different networks, I see WWE doing something pretty quickly to get back to each show having a champion and that would undercut unification for me.

And if WWE goes with one world title, how would this rule work for you? The WWE champ wouldn’t be on both shows at once, he would be exclusively on Raw for a month or two working with the top contender  before switching to the Smackdown to work with that show’s contender.

In theory, it sounds good.  But try to sell that theory to FOX and NBCU.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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