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By Dave Scherer on 2022-01-04 10:00:00

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What’s your opinion of Jim Cornette’s influence on AEW?  I’ve seen fans hold signs with his running jokes from his podcasts.  I’ve seen AEW book Wardlow the way Cornette suggested on the Dynamite after he suggested it.  There’s other examples but I don’t want this question to be too long.

I think Tony Khan is smart and listens to people that know what they are talking about, whether he admits it or not.  I think when he hears someone he respects say something that makes a lot sense, he listens to it.  That’s a smart way to run your business.

Something that happened on Raw this week.  Dolph Ziggler came out and they immediately went to commercial.  They came back and had the ring announcer in the ring to introduce a two or three minute video package on the Liv Morgan/Becky Lynch feud, followed by a two or three minute promo from Damian Priest, Priest's entrance, and yet another commercial break.  All this time, Dolph has, seemingly, just been standing there in front of the crowd for like the last 10 minutes, with absolutely nothing to do.  This kind of thing happens, at least, once or twice on every episode of Raw and SmackDown.  Why does the WWE keep doing this?

The answer is simple, they are TV product first and a wrestling show second.  With that said, it would make a lot more sense to send the talent out there after the commercial break and recap packages but WWE isn’t always about making sense.

What exactly is WWE doing with their crowd noise? It’s like they’ve purposely muted it and it just sounds like a dull droning tone with obvious times of fake spontaneous cheering…

And at other times, they pipe in stuff that the crowd isn’t saying.  I guess the best way to put it is what are they doing?  Messing it up!

As a Macho Man mark, his version of the Flying Elbow always gets a rewind from me. However, what can top the Canadian Destroyer? It’s a freaking flipping piledriver!!! What do you think is coolest looking/most devastating finisher in pro wrestling?

There are a lot if them that look like they would legit kill you so it’s a matter of taste.  I always liked the Road Warriors’ finisher.

Doudrop has had some very good matches on TV in recent weeks, enough to draw high praise from Mark Henry on Busted Open.  Now that she is being portrayed as a strong heel, how long should it be until they finally get rid of her utterly ridiculous name?

Probably never.  She has always been great, back to her Piper Niven days.  But now she is in a company that thinks “Happy Corbin” is in a good name so when will they change the name?  Probably never.

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