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By Dave Scherer on 2022-01-01 09:47:00

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Do you think it’s time WWE started to use footage of Chris Benoit on TV a little more. Obviously not to promote him but he was part of some big moments for other wrestlers. For example in video packages Randy Orton is never making the pin to win his first World Championship or Edge climbing the ladder to win the first MITB. Again in no way do I want Benoit promoted on TV or anything, just unfortunately he was part of some historic moments for other wrestlers

No, I don’t.  He destroyed his legacy when he murdered his family.  I think WWE, a publicly traded company that has deals with many companies, would be crazy to use his likeness.  I see what you are saying about history, but that’s just the way it goes when someone did what Benoit did.

I have noticed that a lot of Britt Baker’s segments are with Tony Schiavone.  Do they have a legit friendship outside of wrestling or is it all for a TV storyline?

I can’t speak to their friendship but I do know that Tony is very well respected by the talent, as he should be.  I think what happened with Tony and Britt was that her promos really started taking off when Tony became her foil, so they smartly kept it going.

With WWE running 7 hours of live tv per week of course they have to do what they are paid to do in terms of the rights fees that were negotiated.  My question is what do you think in an ideal world would be the sweet spot to air for all 3 shows per week where it still feels fresh and not over exposed?   If Raw and Smackdown were 2 hours each, and NXT was 1 hour would that still be too much?

I think three hours is too much, no matter what.  With that said, it’s a lot better with good booking, which WWE doesn’t have a lot of right now.  In a perfect world of mine, I would go with what you suggested but USA wants ratings so we are probably stuck with what we have now.

Do you believe Buff Bagwell’s claim that WWE wanted him in the HOF with the rest of the NWO?

I have no first hand knowledge that what he said was true.  Honestly, I would be surprised if it was, and even more surprised that he wouldn’t take the payday if it were really offered.

I read recently that WWE had relaxed its COVID-testing policy with its talents. I don’t know if this 100% confirmed, but if it’s legit, are they out of their minds? This is a business where the company’s bread and butter—the wrestlers—are participating in full-contact performance and interact with and get close to audience members who are rarely masked and could very well be infected themselves. Omicron is tearing through the planet, and the least that any wrestling promotion could do is require weekly testing for their talent.

They are taking a lead from other sports which are going with the “if you aren’t showing signs, we won’t test” mantra.  I think it’s shortsighted too, especially in a business where people are right on top of each other like in wrestling.  On the one hand, I can kind of see why they think it’s OK since the early data says that Omicron is milder.  But if it leads to mass sicknesses, and some of their talent get the bad version, well…I see more weeks like last week.

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