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By Dave Scherer on 2021-12-27 10:03:00

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Before the match, I struggled with CM Punk, out of the business for 7 years, getting the win against an AEW “homegrown” talent in Darby Allin.  After?  I see ratings and money.  Darby came out of it strong, Punk was believable in the win.  Do you see a long-term program with these two?  I certainly don’t want them hotshotting Punk against a lot of guys, give him a good feud, let Darby chase until the time is right.

I could see it being revisited later on but I don’t really think that is what they need to do right now.  Both guys are faces so I liked that they had the match that they had and moved on with mutual respect.  I like Punk feuding with a heel, as he is now with MJF.

First, with big names like Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole choosing to leave WWE for AEW, plus with Mick Foley's recent comments, do you think Vince McMahon is finally starting to see that AEW is legit competition that he should be concerned about? And if he doesn't, do you think the people around him at least are starting to see it that way?

I don’t think Vince is at all.  I think he is totally in a bubble now where AEW isn’t a competitor.  There are people around him who definitely disagree with him, but they know it’s a fools errand to try and change his mind.

Nia Jax seems has earned a reputation, online at least, as being a dangerous wrestler. Do you think she's dangerous or is her reputation overblown? It seems to be she's injuring a lot of people.

She definitely was sloppy at times.  I think the big issue is that when you are so much bigger than other wrestlers, her minor mistake can have a much bigger effect.

Have you seen the Punk vs Darby/Brett vs 123 Kid comparisons?  If so, what do you think about them doing that?

I haven’t seen them but I don’t agree.   Darby was already made in AEW.  He didn’t need an elevation match at the point where Punk came in. They did have similar spots in the match though.

Ever since Vince McMahon made his comment about AEW not being competition, AEW has been on fire and with each passing week proving Vince more and more wrong.  We know how Vince responded when WCW became competition.  Since there’s NO WAY (in today’s society) he can rehash the Attitude Era, how do you see Vince responded if/when he does?

The only way he could respond, which he will only do if his TV rights fees drop, is by fixing the problem of his making with creative.  His product wasn’t interesting back in the 90s and that allowed WCW to overtake him.  It’s all about just creating characters fans care about and telling interesting stories.  It’s not a complicated process.

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