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By Dave Scherer on 2021-12-26 10:01:00

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Am I the only one who doesn’t hate Grayson Waller? He’s got a fun moveset, a fresh and modern evil influencer gimmick, sharp mic skills, and he looks like a star. Do you see value in him and do you think he can make it in WWE?

You aren’t the only one.  WWE Creative wouldn’t be pushing him if they didn’t see something in him.  He definitely has a lot of potential.

I was wondering if it was a production error that the bigoted sign about Nyla Rose made it on air or was the camera guy in a no win situation cuz the guy was seated facing the hard camera?

It wasn’t an error IMO.  AEW is shooting the action, that is their priority.  They didn’t know that a knuckle dragging booger eater would put that sign up.  I hope the jerk got roughed up before they threw his ass out of the building.

What did you make of Kyle O’Reilly’s debut in AEW?  It was pretty much expected, but I was a bit bothered by it considering Cole and O’Reilly’s feud at the end of their NXT stint.  Logically why would O’Reilly join up with Cole again?  Do you feel some sort of explanation is needed?  Do you think we’ll get one?

No explanation is needed at all.  If Kyle and Cole were on the Smackdown or Raw roster, yes an explanation would be warranted (and would have probably never been given due to the faults in WWE Creative).  But they aren’t on a WWE show.  AEW doesn’t have to follow WWE storylines.

I saw your response to Tony Khan being referenced as an on air authority figure, is it safe to compare him to a Jack Tunney type of role?

It’s a solid comparison at this point, at least from a TV standpoint.  He is the authority figure that doesn’t glom TV Time.  Now, the AEW fans know he also is the owner but back in the day, a lot of WWWF fans had no idea Tunney was a figurehead.

How do you feel about Wrestlemania Rematches as main events? I hate them. Even though the Austin-Rock trilogy produced some classics, we could have seen both of them take on fresh opponents for dream matches on the Wrestlemania stage. That said, the prospect of Brock-Roman III for WM38, could not be less appealing to me. Am I the only one unenthusiastic about this potential matchup?

I don’t have a standard answer.  When the creative is good and the match is called for, I like it.  When the creative is bad and the match is just put on because they can’t think of anything else, I don’t.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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