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By Mike Johnson on 2021-12-22 17:38:00

Some updates on the WWE COVID-19 situation:

*As of this afternoon, WWE still expects to go forward with all the United States live events next week but there have been a lot of calls and "a lot of running around", according to one source, trying to stay ahead of the situation as they receive additional details on talents and staff who may not be cleared to travel this weekend.

*A number of talents have confirmed to they were contacted and asked to get themselves tested today out of an abundance of caution.

*There are said to be additional talents and staff who tested positive over the course of the day, although they have not been identified for obvious reasons. 

*One WWE source noted they are dealing with all the same issues that Broadway and sports leagues have dealt with in recent weeks and it's not anything that could have been avoided, as they have been regularly testing talents before allowing them into venues.

*In the event a talent isn't able to perform this weekend, WWE would work on alternative lineups for the live events.  One source noted that in a worst case scenario, they could always fill undercard slots with NXT talents if necessary.

*The hope is that even if talents are unable to perform on the Holiday Tour events, the WWE Day One PPV is far enough away that anyone that does test positive will be cleared to perform by 1/1/22 as that show is currently ten days away.

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