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By Dave Scherer on 2021-12-19 10:00:00

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I know that this is off topic but since Tony Khan owns the Jaguars too, who would you hire if you were him (and his dad)?

Urban Meyer was a train wreck, no doubt about it.  If it’s me, I look closely at three men: Byron Leftwich, Eric Bienemy and Doug Pederson.  I would realize I have a young, potentially franchise QB in Trevor Lawrence and I would want to give him every chance to be great that I could, so I would go offense.  If it’s me, I go with the guy who groomed a young QB and had players play hard for me and win the Super Bowl, and that’s Pederson.  His last year in Philly was more about his star player going off the rails than anything else.  I think he would thrive in Jacksonville.  He turned around a bad Eagles team and won it all.

I watched Winter Is Coming, and I was looking forward to the Danielson/Page match. But I felt that it went too long, had too much blood (at one point I could not even watch), and made me feel like everything else was rushed. And the ending sucked. But I would like to know what you thought.

I am old school so I love a great hour long match and I thought the match was fantastic.  I am with you on the blood though, I never need to see it.

So I just watched Bryan Danielson and Adam Page wrestle to an awesome 60 minute draw for the world title.  Minutes after Excalibur said “still to come in our main event”.  I know it’s better to be first than in the middle somewhere, but shouldn’t the world title match be the main event 99.9% of the time?

It should, for sure.  I think in that case what they meant was the TV main event, not that it was more important than Page vs. Danielson.

What’s your opinion on time limit draws in AEW?  They’ve done at least 3 now.  After the 60 minute draw between Hangman and Danielson at first I was disappointed.  As I thought about it I came to a different conclusions.  WWE doesn’t really do this, different is why I’m watching AEW, and it means we get Page vs Danielson in a rematch.  Time limit/tv time remaining draws were common when I first started watching wrestling.  IMO it’s a good thing.

I didn’t have a problem with it since it means they will face off again.  I do think AEW needs to be careful though as this is the second time they have done it with Bryan vs. The Champ.  I don’t want it to turn into a crutch that they use to keep from having someone do the job.  But for now, it’s fine.

So, if you are Tony Khan and AEW, do you go full tilt to try and hire Jeff Hardy or would Khan make at least a half-hearted attempt, if that, and hope he refuses just so you can say you tried?  Also, AEW or not, do you see WWE as any kind of option for Hardy in the future (this is assuming he is willing to eventually go to rehab like they wanted him to) or is that bridge burnt too much for Hardy to go back to?

Right now if I am Khan I stay away from Jeff.  I let him do whatever he needs to do, and do it away from the business.  Down the road, who knows.  But for now, I just let Jeff have time and space.

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