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By Dave Scherer on 2021-12-15 10:00:00

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Why does WWE insist on inflating attendance numbers for big PPVs like Wrestlemania when those figures are almost immediately debunked by sites such as yours? It just seems pointless and self-aggrandizing to me.

We don’t usually debunk their numbers but if/when they inflate them, they would be trying to make an event seem bigger than it is.  For instance, if the paid attendance were 13,127 and they decided to add the 2,000 comps that they had into it, 15,127 sounds lot better to the masses.

How lenient is AEW when it comes to letting their talents perform for outside promotions? I know that a lot of the mostly midcard and lower card wrestlers are allowed to work dates with indie promotions and any partner promotions like AAA and New Japan. Does this apply to all contracted wrestlers? Are there any restrictions as to where and who they can wrestle for on off-days?

It’s a case by case basis.  With the lower card talents, it makes a lot of sense so that they can learn and grow.  With the upper tier talents?  Well early on Khan was very lenient, especially with Jon Moxley.  It made sense then since it was a fledgling company.  Now that they are established?  If I were him I would use more discretion.  If a Moxley gets hurt working for New Japan or an indy, that costs AEW a top guy.  It will be interesting to see how the practice morphs going forward.

On the latest episode of the Jim Cornette Experience, Jim and Brian Last breakdown The Long Island Dynamite’s ratings quarter by quarter and it showed a 150k drop in viewers.  They surmised part of the reason is that the top stars like CM Punk and Brian Danielson only show up for one segment and then never spoken of again.  They said to hook the audience, the top guys should appear more than once or their appearances should be hyped up throughout the show.  Your thoughts on that idea?

I would be lying if I told you I understood why people watch a whole show or tune out as it’s going on.  Obviously they stay when they are engaged and leave when they aren’t but what the trigger is for that, I have no idea.  Personally, I don’t think that Punk or Bryan should be in three segments, just to keep people tuned in because I don’t really think it would work, and it could come at the expense of the other wrestlers and stories.  On that show, Bryan was in the main event so if people tuned in to see him, it should have gone up at the end.  It could be that unlike 20 years ago, there are just so many more choices for people now beside traditional TV.  They have streaming services, video games and other things an old far like me doesn’t even know about.  Getting and keeping eyeballs on a show is a problem that everyone in the TV business has right now.

I was a bit surprised that WWE did not have some of their former ROH stars like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, or Cesaro do videos for ROH Final Battle.  Do you know if this was a decision by WWE, or that ROH cut them out given their relationship with Impact, AEW, and NJPW?

Well, if those talents wanted to do videos, I don't see any world where Joe Koff wouldn't have let them.  He loves ROH and its legacy.  I can't say for sure that WWE didn't allow it but if I had a gun to my head and had to be right I would feel pretty comfortable in thinking that the company wanted no part of it.

What do you think NJPW and Lucha Libre AAA can do to break Into the U.S market? Seems they both have had opportunity after opportunity and have blown it. I know NJPW put effort but then they didn’t capitalize and AEW took advantage. AAA is working with Marvel and I see a huge opportunity there. I wonder if Marvel would ever invest or buy the company. I think they could easily crossover to the Disney plus app. Reason I mention these two companies is because I think the wrestling field is full and if your going to have a 3rd viable company is needs to be something different which NJPW and AAA offer. Your thoughts?

The one thing that they need, and it’s non-negotiable, is a good TV deal on a quality outlet.  If they don’t get their product out in front of a lot of eyeballs, they have no shot.  With that said, I am not sure even that is enough but with a good paying TV deal, they have time to try and draw an audience.

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