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By Dave Scherer on 2021-12-13 09:59:00

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So I see a lot of questions about NXT and the 2.0 version but no one seems to have an answer as to why and I think it's pretty obvious that Vince overheard someone say the phrase "Trolling" and he did his Vince McMahon laugh and was like that sounds like fun and thus we get NXT 2.0. Do you think it's past time to stop asking questions about a 70+ year old man making booking/business decisions when it comes to WWE programming?

To answer to your last question, yes, asking questions about why Vince does what does is a fool’s errand.  He’s Vince, and that is the whole answer.  As for NXT 2.0, he made the change because he wants the talents there to be “main roster ready” when they are called up.  Yes, I think it’s ridiculous of him to say too, but see the first answer and we already know why he did.

It was just reported an interview from TV Insider that Shawn Michaels said “People out there thinking it’s all Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard type of production. They just are the ones who gave us the direction of what it is they wanted from NXT going into the future. It is still all the team Hunter [Triple H] put in place doing it here.” My question is to you why am I both feeling confused and saying bullcrap underneath my breath? Also am I the only one that deactivated Peacock after watching NXT War Games?

Shawn is being a good company man.  I understand that.  I can’t say who else canceled Peacock after War Games but I do know a lot of people who only had Peacock to watch NXT and now that’s it’s changed, they have canceled their subs.

I heard from 2004 that when TNA started Impact, they were having taking a booking charge if any of their contracted talent were to wrestle outside the company, did that come into fruition and does companies such as AEW have contracted talent do so today?

That was a plan that TNA had back in the day, they got a broker fee for talents that they booked out to third parties.  I can’t remember if they ever got fees back then.  As for today, it depends on the talents.  Some wrestlers have it in their deals that they can work in other promotions.  The rest have to get AEW permission.

Do you think the wretched WWE/NXT creative that apparently has it swirling the bowl is all VKM, or does he have his customers/network executives making “suggestions” in his ear?

It all comes from Vince.  He sets the course.

Does the AEW love fest end when they future endeavor some one, as they can't keep hiring talent, without making space for them?  WWE gets rightly called out for logic issues in story telling. So when MJF besmirches Britt Baker why isn't Adam Cole rushing in and kicking the ever living snot out of him? I’m a fan of AEW, even if the questions seem like I'm not..

People turn on WWE for releasing people who they never gave a real chance to.  That is the issue most of the time.  If AEW were to do that, they will be called on it.  That isn’t the case now though.  In fact, they did just the opposite during the pandemic, when they paid everyone.  As for MJF, what he said was an insult at Punk.  He basically said, “You want a beautiful woman to like you and she doesn’t.”  I don’t see why Cole would be mad at that, especially since he is a heel and would understand that MJF was trying to get under Punk’s skin.

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