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By Dave Scherer on 2021-12-08 10:00:00

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Is it safe to say that wrestlers are happier working for AEW than WWE?

Obviously, I can’t make a blanket statement due to the fact that I don’t talk to everyone in both companies.  With that said, I rarely hear anyone I talk to in AEW complain about working there.  With WWE?  I rarely talk to anyone who doesn’t complain about working there.

Is there anything good that WWE is doing right now?

OK, let me think.  I enjoy most of the things going on around Roman Reigns.  That’s what happens when a talent has some clout and can say no to bad WWE writing.  I love Happy Corbin.  OK, I am kidding.  Um, some of the stuff in NXT 2.0 is solid.  And I enjoy NXT UK every week.  I guess three things is better than nothing.  And to be fair, the actual wrestling is still solid.  It’s the creative that’s the problem.

Ok so I saw someone finally asked about the Cody Rhodes flaming table incident and "what was Cody thinking?" (Obviously not about his health!)  So my follow up to that is "What the hell was *anyone* at AEW thinking??" Not only green lighting that spot for no logical storyline reason in the first place, but also obviously not doing their due diligence as far as preparing and/or acquiring a table(s) that would be safe(safer at least) to do that spot with? We've seen tons of people go through flaming tables in the past, and they don't end up coated in burning molten plastic/rubber like Cody did.

I can't argue with a thing you said.  The spot was dangerous and was done just because Cody wanted to do it.  His feud with Andrade wasn't even close to the point where that spot should be done.  It was reckless.  And seeing Cody afterward just made it worse.

It's 2021, shouldn't fire be banned in wrestling?

That is a matter of opinion.  Me?  I say yes.  Other people like it though.  I think the wrestlers take enough risks just bumping.  I don’t think that they need to add an unpredictable variable like fire to that equation.  But, that’s just me.

Historically, fans have not taken kindly to wrestlers who they know are heavily favored and pushed to the moon by Vince McMahon.  If they continue to heavily push Bron Breakker as a face, do they run the risk of the fans eventually turning on him, just as they did with Cena, Roman, and early Rocky Maivia?

I think each case is different.  Time will tell.

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