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By Dave Scherer on 2021-12-07 10:00:00

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Does WWE really want to tell the fans that the they are killing the Black and Gold NXT that they love?  Really?  I turned on War Games and couldn’t believe that they were pretty much telling us that.

It sure seems that way.  It is mind blowing to me.  They had a brand with a solid, loyal following, one that sold out major buildings for Takeovers, and they just said to their fans, “We are taking this away from you.”  It’s just bad business to me.

Why would they do that?

They want the talents in NXT to be “main roster ready” when they get called up.  Of course, the talents that have been called up ARE main roster ready, but the company can’t exactly say that the bad booking is the reason that most of the talents haven’t gotten over because, well, that would mean pointing the finger at the boss and no one is going to do that.

Doesn’t it make sense to give the fans what they want?

You would think so.  If it’s me, if I am Vince McMahon and NXT is a brand of wrestling I don’t care for, if it brings in revenue I don’t mess with it.  I would just take the approach that it’s a money maker for me and be glad it’s under my umbrella.  Then again, I would have kept ECW and WCW as viable brands too instead of destroying them the way WWE did.  Obviously, Vince doesn’t think like me.

Do you think Beth Phoenix left announcing because of the changes in NXT?

Only she can answer that question.

Do you think Kyle O’Reilly and Johnny Gargano will jump to AEW?

I think Kyle is pretty much a slam dunk on that one.  He definitely fits in more with what AEW does, plus Adam Cole and Bobby Fish are there.  Gargano would fit in too, for sure, but I could also see him consider staying and being a mentor for the younger talents while also being a character on the show.  That doesn’t mean he will stay, but it’s possible.

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