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By James Kurokawa  on 2021-12-03 16:20:00

12-3-21 Results from New Japan's Best of the Super Juniors 28 from Saitama, Japan:

1.  Kosei Fujita vs. Ryohei Oiwa

Both men wrestle to a draw.

Best of the Super Jr. 28 Matches:

2.  Master Wato vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Taichi comes to the ring with Kanemaru.  Taichi joins the Japanese commentary team.

Kanemaru attacks Wato before he can get his robe off, and quickly goes after his leg.   Wato counters with speed and high flying moves.   Kanemaru applies the figure four leg lock.  Wato gets to the ropes.   They reverse out of each others moves.  Kanemaru hit a moonsault for a two count.   Kanemaru tried for a brainbuster, but Wato countered with a TTD (Tenzan Tombstone Driver).   Wato followed with an RPP.

Wato pins Kanemaru.

Big win for Wato.  He gets to 6 points in the tournament.

3.  Robbie Eagles vs. DOUKI

This started as a high flying match, but became a submission fight.   Eagles stunned DOUKI with a Turbo Backpack, then hit a 450 splash on DOUKI's leg.  Eagles applied the Ron Miller Special.

DOUKI taps out.

Eagles earns 2 points and is now tied in 3rd place with 8 points.

4.  BUSHI vs. Taiji Ishimori

BUSHI came to the ring in a Darth Vader-style mask.  Very cool.

BUSHI pinned Ishimori after hitting an MX.

Wow!  I am surprised that Ishimori lost.   However, with BUSHI winning and getting to 8 points, there is a 5 way tie for 3rd place.

5.  SHO vs. El Phantasmo

SHO wanted to give the Two Sweet Salute to ELP.  ELP pointed to SHO and said "Fake Bullet Club" and called him "Shit".  SHO told ELP to lay down for him so he can win the BOSJ 28.  ELP demanded a translation.  The ring announcer translated to ELP what SHO said.   ELP said that SHO can "kiss his cute ass".   SHO asked again for the Two Sweet Salute.   ELP agreed and SHO tried to trap him in a Snake Bite.  ELP gets to the ropes.   ELP hit SHO in the head with punches in the corner.  SHO attacked the fingers of ELP and tried to break them.   He wrapped his arm around the ringpost. ELP fought back and hit a moonsault.  They reversed out of each other's moves.  ELP went for a CR2 but SHO escaped.  They poked each other in the eyes and grabbed each other's hair.  ELP did the top rope walk, but SHO pulled him off the ropes and almost hit the referee.   SHO went for his wrench.  ELP ducks the wrench attack and hits Sudden Death in the gut of SHO.  SHO drops to the mat in pain.   ELP measures SHO for a final Sudden Death to the face.   SHO sees the attack coming and taps out.  

SHO gives up and ELP wins the match.  SHO did not want to get kicked in the face.  

SHO continued to sell the kick to his stomach after the match and all the way back to the locker room.  

EL Phantasmo earns 2 points and 8 points total.   There are now six men tied for 3rd place with 8 points.

Very weird way for SHO to get his first loss.  However, it continues the storyline of "who is the face and/or leader of Bullet Club?"

6.  Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Hiromu Takahashi

Taguchi went for a quick victory where he attempted multiple pinning combinations on Hiromu.  All two counts.  Hiromu escaped the ring to get a breather.  Back in the ring, they continued to chain wrestle.   Taguchi tried for submissions.   Hiromu gets to the ropes.  Lots of close falls and reversals.  Great stuff!  Taguchi goes for a Dodon, but Hiromu reverses out and rolls up Taguchi.

Hiromu pins Taguchi.

Taguchi bowed to Hiromu and thanked him for a good match.

Really good match.  When Taguchi wants to, he can put the comedy away, and becomes a great wrestler.

7.  YOH vs. El Desperado

Both men were evenly matched until Desperado dropkicked YOH in the knee.  YOH fell to the floor and Desperado tried to twist YOH's led around the guardrail .  Desperado continued to attack YOH's leg and dominated most of the match.  Desperado applied Numero Dos and YOH fought to get to the ropes.   YOH hit a dropkick then a neckbreaker.  Desperado went for Pinche Loco but YOH reversed out.  YOH hit a superkick and a Dragon Suplex.  Two count.  YOH hits a Direct Driver. 

YOH pins Desperado.

Great back and forth match.  With this win, YOH makes it now seven men, now tied for 3rd place with 8 points.   

Also with this pinfall win, YOH earns a possible shot against El Desperado for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title.

Current Standings in the Best of the Super Jr. 28:



Taiji Ishimori - 8

Yoshinobu Kanemaru - 8

Robbie Eagles- 8

Ryusuke Taguchi - 8

Master Wato - 6

El Phantasmo - 8

YOH - 8

Hiromu Takahashi - 7

El Desperado - 9

SHO - 12

Despite both losing, SHO remains in the lead with 12 points and  El Desperado stays second place with 9 points.   Seven follow in 5rd place.

Thank you for reading.

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