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By Adam Cardoza on 2021-12-03 13:50:00

Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory: Season 3, Episode 9”

It’s a chilly wet night in Worcester for the 9th week of Uncharted Territory. A few days removed from Beyond’s return to Providence, we got early word that Trish Adora’s opponent tonight Matt Makowski was replaced by…Shockwave the Robot? Thank you for being a responsible human, Makowski. BUSSY is also stomping into Worcester tonight. Paul Crockett & AARP Magazine’s Hunk of the Year Sidney Bakabella are at the commentary table. Rich Palladino is your announcer. Let’s get to our spotlight match.

Spotlight Match: “The Mecca” Brian Johnson vs Love, Doug

Mecca is already calling the audience a bunch of toothless losers….he knows we love Doug here. Doug tries to give Johnson some flowers…and gets a gut kick in return. Johnson spits on the flowers as he attacks but gets distracted by them and eats a crossbody. Johnson pulls the ring curtain and Doug wiped out brutally on the  floor. Johnson laying in the beatdown but getting too worked up by the crowd jeering him. He hits a big top rope gutbuster, Doug escapes a cutter and hits a sunset flip stunner. Johnson tries to steal the pin but the ref catches him with a handful of tights. Doug with a falcon arrow for two! Doug with a jackknife pin attempt! Johnson catches him on the top rope, Doug thrown into the ref which masks Mecca’s eye poke. Johnson hits a twisting facebuster to score the pin!

Winner: Brian Johnson

Johnson gets the microphone. He insults the women and men in the audience (because he’s a REAL man…ok dude) before turning this ire to the fact that Trish Adora is fighting a robot and that takes precedent over him? I mean, YEAH. Yeah it absolutely does. He challenges Trish for next week (and has a few choice things to say to her) but I don’t think the crowd is going to want anything short of him getting stretched hard, made to cry for mercy and then fed to SLADE for good measure. 

And we’re liiiiiiive on IWTV! <cue You Can’t Bring Me Down by Suicidal Tendencies>

Match 1: “The Professional” Rhett Titus vs Carlos Romo

Romo was last here a year ago in an absolute banger with Tony Deppen. Titus has been on a string of good matches here this year. Titus shows his strength early and grapples Romo down. Carlos is quick and slips out into a shoulder lock. Titus forced to the ropes with a submission but he forces Romo right into the same situation. Good clean grappling trades here. Romo tries a series of armdrags before bringing Titus down in a butterfly hold. Titus reverses Romo with a monkey flip out the corner and lays in punishment to the back. Big backbreaker for two. Romo bridging out of the pin attempts repeatedly. Romo catches Titus’ attempt to block the pin into a head and arm triangle. Titus with a cheap kick to break it, hits a splash and grapevines the legs. Titus with another monkey flip but Romo fires up from the landing. Hard chops, a jawbreaker…Tisus dodges a neckbreaker but Romo with a suicide dive as Rhett powders. Running knee! Kick out! Titus hits a slingshot falcon arrow for two! Titus kicks his way into a single leg crab, it’s super deep…Romo drags it to the rope. Titus gets reversed, Romo hits a spike piledriver! Titus barely kicks out! Romo goes for the finish, Titus hits a belly to belt suplex but takes too long to make the pin and can’t get it. Yakuza kick from Titus, he misses a second. Romo hits a dragon screw. He stretches the knee hard. Titus fights to the rope but he was in agony the whole time, his knee is shot. Romo with a shining wizard and a PK…Titus dodges a moonsault! Titus hits a spinning double underhook uranage! Titus gets the height and lands the KO Dropkick. Romo crumbles and takes the L here.

Winner: Rhett Titus 

Despite their animosity in the match, Titus offers the Code of Honor to his fallen opponent and they fist bump. Maybe a little too slow burn to open the show BUT this picked up the pace halfway through and got the crowd pretty hyped up by the end. Great match.

Match 2: “The Conduit of Karma” Kaia McKenna vs “Megasus” Megan Bayne

McKenna casts a circle of protection around the ring, that’s a lot of salt to sweep up later. She’s gonna need that protection….but Bayne’s lackeys carve a hole right through it. Bayne wants her to bow down, McKenna refuses and proceeds to beat McKenna post to post. Kaia is trying but Bayne catches her crossbody into a fallaway slam. Series of corner shoulder blocks. Delay vertical face buster. Bayne picks her up, tombstone, that’s the ballgame.

Winner: Megan Bayne

After a series of close calls, Megasus really needed to establish herself as a dominant FORCE…McKenna made a fitting rag doll and she has to be helped to the back after that ride on the Megan Express.

Match 3: The Brick City Boyz (JCruz & Victor Chase) vs The Air Show (Mach10 & Razerwyng) 

We remember what you did to us, Brick City Boyz. Razerwyng out hot against Chase, Mach10 with a blind tag, saves Razer and they get to diving. Chase and Cruz catch Razer and throw him into Mach10’s dive. Great power spot. Brick city dwarfs their rivals and Chase hits a brutal uranage on Mach10 that really highlights the size difference. Shoulder block dropkick combo sends Razer in to make the save. Mach10 saves himself with a ddt, Razer is in! He almost gets the pin on Cruz but Chase breaks it up and dumps Mach10 to the floor. Razer almost falls to a jackknife pin but Mach springs off Cruz to double stomp the pin. 10 with a tope out to Splash Cruz. Air Show with a top rope electric chair splash to Chase but Cruz breaks it up. 10 is slammed out. Razer still fighting but they hit a doomsday elbow drop and the Air Show is grounded.

Winners: Brick City Boyz

The crowd continues to chant for Waves & Curls. Brick City rips into the crowd and lets everyone know that their future competition is gonna hit the bricks. I know I’m supposed to hate Brick City…but they’re really good.

Match 4: “The Mile High Magnum” Dak Draper vs Teddy Goodz 

Draper and Goodz take it to each other early. Back and forth with strikes and try to muscle each other to the corner. Goodz eats a back elbow and is sent to the floor….Goodz tries to post Draper’s legs but he gets posted instead. Second rope deadlift inside out suplex from Draper. Goodz is hurting and Draper lays in several knees. Goodz tries to fight back but Draper has answers for everything. Backpack stunner reversed into a powerslam. Draper holds a gutwrench for A LONG TIME and then slams Goodz down hard. Goodz fires back with chops, Draper tries a double axe handle but falls into an atomic drop. Big lariat and Goodz is coming back! He batters Draper into the corner, ICONOCLASYM! kickout! Running knee! Kick out! Goodz heading up but Draper knocks him off. Draper trying for a super plex…Goodz is fighting back! Super cutter! Draper kicks out! They both try some slick roll ups, Goodz reverses a Samoan drop into a crucifix pin and gets the three. This was fine but a few things didn’t click tonight.

Winner: Teddy Goodz

Match 5: “The Afropunk” Trish Adora vs Shockwave the Robot

A lot of people here are asking if Shockwave is going to murder anyone tonight. I’m asking if Trish can make a match out of this. I’m in camp wait & see…but something doesn’t feel right. Trish certainly doesn’t know what to do here…Shockwave overpowers the lockup. Adora tries again, same result. He’s a ROBOT. Shockwave overpowers her attempts to grapple. Shockwave with a waist lock, Adora gives it a little bump and grind, Shockwave breaks the hold immediately…this is not in his programming…Shockwave breaks the awkward tension going into some fast chain wrestling. Shockwave gets a neck lock and Trish struggles to break it but the robot keeps it attached. Trish does everything to escape but Shockwave always find a way back to the hold. Trish sent to the outside and Shockwave serves her. Adora gets a hammerlock and goes to work on that limb. Trish gives Shockwave another little dance but finds her way back into that headlock. Shockwave keeps the pressure but eats a crossbody, body splash and body slam for two. She’s winding up for the Lariat Tubman but Shockwave short circuits and freezes in place. Shockwave drops Adora with a headbutt, pulls her up for a neckbreaker and hits the most robot leg drop Ive ever seen. Trish with a bridging pin but her shoulders are down too? The ref rules it a double pin. What. The crowd is UNHAPPY and chants that Trish won. The record books say otherwise on this one. This was as good as it could be but the finish left me raw. 

Winner: Draw

Match 6: The Prize City Hooligans (Alec Price & Becca) vs BUSSY (Allie Katch vs Effy)

I love BUSSY’s entrance mashup of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and WAP. Becca comes in hot but she eats a great slap from Effy. Price tags in and is upset….and immediately tags out when Effy opens wide to receive his…prize. Effy keeps the heat on Becca while Price tries to cheer her on. Allie wipes out Alec on the apron, Becca thinks she tagged out but Katch eats her alive. BUSSY with a BUSSY sandwich. Price is slammed facefirst into Becca’s nethers but that’s not enough to finish this. Price distracts and Becca hits a superkick. The PCH giving Allie the heat, Price hitting a dropkick to the back. Allie makes space with Becca, tags out, Effy with the sack ryder, yakuza kick…Orice reverses into a air raid crash style neckbreaker. Price with a powerslam and slams his Prize City Queen into Effy. Becca with a dropkick to the back and works Daddy’s back. Katch is kept on the apron as Effy takes some damage. Big bulldog and Price tags but only gets two. Effy fights out of the corner, tag to Katch! Allie with all the hip attacks and cannonballs! Double northern lights! BUSSY with the Two Man Power Trip finish but Price doesn’t stay down. Price dodges a piledriver into a slingshot ddt. Effy super kicked off the apron, Becca with a middle finger jump down splash but clearly that can’t finish Katch. BUSSY fighting back, Becca hit with a doomsday cutter! Price makes the save! Effy with the high knee and leg hook DDT. Everyone laid out in a wild flurry of kicks. Crowd chanting hard for BUSSY. Big slugfest in the center! Becca trapped in a Boston crab, Price trapped in a dragon sleeper but they’re able to crash BUSSY together to break it. Fighting to opposite corners, Becca dodges the piledriver and hits a top rope senton! Effy has Price up, Becca chop blocks, double superkick….Price with a powerbomb onto Becca’s knees and Effy is down for the three! Price & Becca needed another good hard fought win, even at the expense of making the crowd sad again. BUSSY was super over.

Winners: Prize City Hooligans

Main Event: Masha Slamovich vs SLADE (No DQ)

SLADE attacks Masha at her entrance! Chair shot! They battle into the chairs and I have to vacate my spot! Snap suplex to SLADE upends the chairs! SLADE sets up more chairs, he wants a chokeslam! Masha reverses into a back slam into the chairs, how’s SLADE’s head. Masha gets a belt…and hangs SLADE OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH IT. Masha blasting him with chair shots and sets up a door on the outside. SLADE chokeslams her off the apron through the door! He sets up another door in the ring. Chair warfare commences! SLADE slammed through a chair! SLADE powerbombed through the door! Kick out! Jackknife powerbomb! SLADE pops up to chokeslam her through a chair. SLADE unloads with chair shots to the back, she dares him to kill her and SLADE gives her a final blast over the head to get the three. 

Winner: SLADE

SLADE pulls Masha up in a show of respect and gives her a pay on the back. Masha nods to the madman, she clearly enjoyed that fight. What a freakin’ war. If the crowd was down from the last two matches, this turned the mood around HARD. Absolutely insane.

And that’s it for this week’s Uncharted Territory! We get some announcements for this Sunday’s Fete Forever show: Tasha Steelz vs Megan Bayne & Wheeler Yuta vs Hot Sauce are the new matches since Leyla & Makowski are out this week. For Uncharted next week? Atticus vs Masha, IronBeast!!!! Vs Hot Wheelz, Brian Johnson vs Trish, Alec Price vs Willow! Until then!


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