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By Mike Johnson on 2021-12-03 08:34:00

MCW's Dan McDevitt announced the following:

It is with mixed emotions that Dennis Wipprecht and I announce that at the end of December 2021 there will no longer be MCW Pro Wrestling events at the MCW Arena in Joppa, MD. We were going to make this announcement at the Toys for Tots Event this Saturday night but decided to make the announcement before then. We have run almost close to 100 events at this venue since 2013 and have almost a decade of memories there with our performers, our staff and our fans.

The shopping center there is going in a different direction and because of that its time for us to move on and we are ok with that. We were not blindsided by this out of nowhere, we have had a heads up for a little bit and have had the chance to make some adjustments. The MCW Pro Wrestling Training Center will be moving and will continue to operate as is but will not be in a building where we can also host events. We have an official press release on that in the next few weeks as the new facility is going to be great for all of our trainees.

We have a few facilities that we have been talking to, several venues are making offers to us so that they can be the new home base for MCW Pro Wrestling. Stay tuned to all of our social media platforms after the first of the year and we will be making those announcements. In the meantime we are going to close this chapter of our existence out as only we can. We are adding an event to the schedule in Joppa on Thursday December 30th and tickets will go on sale for that event at this Saturday's Seasons Beatings Toys For Tots event. That show will be called "Last call At The MCW Arena".

The reason we decided to make this announcement now is because we realize that some people may be traveling during the holidays and may not be able to attend Last Call on December 30th. If that's the case then we want you to be able to make the decision to come out to the MCW Arena this Saturday night so that you can attend one of, if not both of the final two events at the MCW Arena.

The Fans know me, they know I shoot straight and I don't work them. We have almost a decade of memories in this building, all of us with all of you. We are going to pull out all of the stops and we are going to have two of the best shows in our company's history this Saturday and December 30th. I promise you that you will regret missing either of them, Professional Wrestling is all about creating moments and these next two shows we are going to create a lot of them.

Dan McDevitt

MCW Pro Wrestling

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