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By Charlie Dudley on 2021-12-02 14:54:00

I came back to pro wrestling when CM Punk returned so I don’t know the entire AEW roster too too well to give you a rundown of Dark/Elevation.

I watch Dynamite and Rampage every week since the Punk return. It was a great 4-hour experience of wrestling. 

The arena was sparsely filled. 60% of the seats around the hard camera itself were empty. Everyone was crammed into the “camera view” area, as is typical if not legitimately sold out. We sat directly in front of the hard camera but usually out of view probably. Lots of smart fans and chant starters around us, who booed Cody any time he was shown. 

Tony Khan came out several times in between shows to put over the crowd, “Atlanta” even though the show is in Duluth which always draw the ire of the locals. Duluth is actually NE of ATL and considered in the Metro area, so I’d label it ATLish as an Alabama resident/native. He put over Sting’s in-ring return to “Atlanta” for the first time in 14 years and how much they missed fans in attendance while in Georgia. 

Not sure how it looked on TV but Arn actually fell off the ramp when Andrade attacked. Stepped backward and had to be “helped up”

Cody cut a promo to the crowd after Dynamite about how he loved being back in Georgia and he’d been working his ass off since he was 15 to get wrestling fans to accept him as more than just Dusty’s son. He was visibly wincing from the burns after he was done. Crazy spot.

Sammy Guevara vs.  Tony Nese opened Rampage and seemed really long but good.

Janai Kai (one of Thunder Rosa’s students) is the woman in question in the Jade Cargill smash. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

FTR are great. I love their interaction with Tully. PAC does a spot where he blows a springboard spot and sells it like his eye patch deal caused it. Malachi Black showed up to help FTR, he misted PAC again so FTR won. They beat down Penta after, tore his mask off and walk out while Black is still choking PAC. They covered Penta up with a towel while he was maskless. Black was pretty over. 

They didn’t announce a return but Khan was almost “in tears” thanking everyone post show.

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