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By Mike Johnson on 2021-12-02 22:00:00

Welcome to this week's Impact Wrestling on AXS TV report from Las Vegas!

After a recap of everything that led to tonight's, Matt Cardona made his way to the ring.  Cardona took the mic and said that Turning Point was a hell of a show.  He said that at the end of his bout against W. Morrisey, he hit the Radio Silence and pinned Morrisey, except that's not what happened.  There was no pinfall because there was no referee as Cardona had been shoved into the referee.  Instead, Cardona was speared by Moose.  Cardona said he's not here to whine and complain.  He was THISCLOSE to beating Moose at Bound for Glory in the Gauntlet and Moose knows it.  The only reason he's in Impact is to be the World Champion and challenges Moose.

Impact Wrestling Champion Moose came to the ring.  Moose said that thehas accomplished a lot in the 18 years he's been in professional wrestling but does he really think he's a top guy?  Does he really want to step in the ring with Moose?  He asked Cardona to really think about if he really wants to have a wrestling match with the wrestling God?  He said it'll last as long as Cardona's Intercontinental title run.  He asked Cardona if that makes him mad, but WWE saw the same thing Moose sees in him - a mid-carder.  Mid Cardona. 

Cardona dared him to say it again.  Moose repeated his comment, so Matt attacked him and worked him over in the corner.  W. Morrisey hit the scene but Cardona ducked him and nailed a series of rights and a big boot.  Moose clobbered Cardona with a lariat.  Moose and Morrisey worked over Cardona and put the boots to him.  Eddie Edwards hit the ring for the save.  He tossed Morrisey over the top to the floor.  Cardona went for Radio Silence but Moose escaped.  He left the Impact title in the ring, so Cardona raised it over his head.

We go to a Violent By Design promo.  Rhino came into Turning Point thinking family was the most powerful thing, but they are family and the most powerful thing.  They are going to take the Impact Tag titles.  Rich Swann and Willie Mack are in their way.  There will be a reckoning of violence.   Young warned Impact there is a design and it will be violent.

Scott D'Amore decreed it will be Eddie & Matt vs. Moose & Morrisey.  He told Cardona to go prove he deserved a title shot tonight.  Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering approached D'Amore and wanted in the first-ever Women's Ultimate X match at Hard to Kill.  Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans wanted their way into the match as well.  

They will announce the six competitors in Ultimate X next week.  Scott made Rachael vs. Evans for tonight.

Matt Striker and D'Lo Brown, at ringside, broke down the main event tag team bout.

Drama King Matt with Deonna Purrazzo vs. Chris Sabin

Purrazzo joined the announcers.

They went back and forth early on, feeling the other out.  Sabin began focusing on Matt's arm and they exchanged holds.  Sabin used a stepover armdrag and then a hiptoss to control Matt, cinching in an armbar.  Matt used the ropes to escape.  Sabin nailed a bodypress off the ropes for a two count.  Sabin went for a pescado but Matt slipped back into the ring.  He nailed Sabin and knocked him off the apron to the floor.

After a commercial, Matt continued beating Sabin, raining elbows on Sabin to score a near fall.  Matt whipped Sabin hard into the corner and nailed a running back elbow.  He followed up with a neckbreaker for a two count.  Sabin escaped a side chinlock but was drilled.  Matt attempted to suplex him over the top to the floor but was snapped across the top rope, giving Sabin a chance to recover.

Matt returned to the ring.  Sabin nailed a series of running forearms.  He escaped a sunset flip and drilled Matt with a running kick.  Sabin nailed a leaping DDT off the ropes for a two count.  Matt came back with a backslide for a two count.  Sabin scored a near fall with a La Magistral.  They wiped each other out with a double clothesline.

They fired back and forth with kicks. Deonna left the announcing position and distracted Sabin, allowing Matt to nail a Claymore Kick and a powerbomb for a two count.  Mickie James ran out to ringside and brawled with Purrazzo.  Mickie whipped her into the ring post.

Inside the ring, Sabin drilled Matt with a leaping kick and a Cradleshock for the pin.

Your winner, Chris Sabin!

Chelsea Green tried to find out who would be in the Ultimate X match.  Scott said he would announce it next week.  Alisha Edwards tried to do the same.  Scott reiterated he would announce it next week.

Jai Vidal showed up and asked Scott for a match.  Scott said he may be Hard to Kill and he likes someone who wants an opportunity but he may not want it.  Vidal said he'd like it.  Scott told him that was fine.  He can wrestle Jonah next.  Vidal looked like he was a deer who had walked out into oncoming traffic.

Jonah vs. Jai Vidal

Vidal tried to escape Jonah early on but was caught and slammed down to the mat hard.  Jonah just kept using his girth to enforce his will.  He held Vidal up for a long delayed vertical suplex but slamming him down.  Jonah nailed a back senton splash, then a flying splash off the top for the pin.

Your winner, Jonah!

Jonah nailed another splash and took the mic.  He said everyone is talking about the top dog because he takes over everywhere he goes.  There's a reason he showed up in San Jose for New Japan and that was to go face to face with Moose.  Jonah said he deserves to be the World Champion but before he gets there, he'll deal with Josh Alexander.  He keeps hearing Alexander is the best but to be the best, you have to go through the top dog.

They showed highlights of the X-Division title bout at Turning Point.  

Gia Miller interviewed Trey Miguel.  He was happy to win but wanted to really beat Steve Maclin.  Maclin attacked him and they brawled.  One lone security guard tried to stop them.  Maclin tried to hang Trey with an electric wire but was dragged off.  Miguel dove off a high platform to take everyone out.

They aired a video for the Throwback Throwdown II, going back to 1984 for a promised Lampoon of pro wrestling.

The latest Brian Myers video.  VSK and Zicky Dice tried to Facetime him but Myers hung up on them.   They are going to have a tag match against FinJuice and make up for what happened at the PPV.

Moose told W. Morrisey they have to get rid of Matt Cardona and make sure he doesn't get close to the title.  Morrisey asked how any of that concerns him.  Stopping Cardona doesn't benefit him.  Moose said that if Cardona gets his hands on the title, Morrisey doesn't get a title shot.   Morrisey says that he doesn't think Moose has any real intention of giving him a shot and says he thinks they are done.  Moose said that if he helps Moose, he gets the first title shot.

Savannah Evans with Tasha Steelz vs. Rachael Ellering 

They showed former UFC Lightheavyweight Champion Anthony Pettis sitting ringside.

Evans got the early advantage with her power.  Ellering fought back but was suplexed over and whipped hard into the corner.  Evans nailed a big butterfly suplex.  She missed a charge in corner.  Evans was hit with a STO but blocked a legdrop off the ropes.  She kicked her hard in the mid-section and drilled her in the throat.  Evans controlled Evans but couldn't score the pin.  She argued with the referee.  They went nose to nose and battered each other back and forth.  Ellering finally nailed a leaping back elbow.  She caught Evans with a baseball slide into a cutter, then a back senton splash.

Ellering followed up with a second one, then a third, scoring a two count.  

Ellering nailed a discus clothesline.  Tasha distracted the referee so Jordynne chased her into the ring, where Steelz was clotheslined.  Ellering elevated Evans with a TKO for the pin.

Your winner, Rachael Ellering!

Backstage, Kaleb with A K was trying to walk in slow motion.  Tenille Dashwood returned from her trip around the world so Kaleb and Madison filled her in on the last month, including being trapped in Wrestlehouse.  Dashwood wasn't happy there were new Australians in the company.  She went looking for The IInfluence.Once she saw who they were, however, they were all excited to see each other, except Madison, who was completely confused.  They all walked off together to star in future backstage vignettes.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Deaner & Joe Doering with Eric Young.

Doering and Swann battled back and forth.  Swann went after his legs with a series of kicks but was slammed backwards into the buckles.  Deaner tagged in but was tagged with a kick.  Mack tagged back in and they whipped Deaner into the corner.  They each nailed splashes in the corner and worked over Deaner with some double team maneuvers for a two count.

Swann drilled Deaner with a kick to the back of the neck.  He tagged Mack back in, nailing a double team flapjack.  Doering hit the ring and tackled Mack as they went to commercial.  When they returned, Doering controlled the ring, beating on Mack.  He worked over Mack before tagging out to Deaner.  Mack caught him with an inverted atomic drop and an elevated uppercut.  Swann got the hot tag and cleaned house until Doering pulled him to the floor.  Doering charged but Swann moved and Joe crashed into the ring post.  Young tried to intervene but Mack set up Swann to hit a 450 splash off the top to score the pin.

Your winners, Rich Swann & Willie Mack!

Young immediately attacked Swann.  VBD swarmed over Willie and Rich.  Rhino and Heath Miller made the save and ran off VBD.

Hernandez and Swinger were talking about Wrestlehouse.  Rohit Raju wasn't happy he wasn't invited.  Lawrence D said he didn't want the riffraff there.  Raju talked himself up and Lawrence D challenged him to a match next week.  That HAS TO BE ON BTI, right?

Impact Champion Moose & W. Morrisey vs. Matt Cardona & Eddie Edwards

Moose was going to start but was really playing mind games, tagging out and leaving Cardona to face W. Morrisey.  They battle back and forth.  Cardona and Edwards double team him.  Cardona knocked Moose off the apron.  Eddie nailed a pescado to the floor.  Cardona nailed a basement dropkick on Morrisey.

After a connercial break, Morrisey was now in control of Cardona, working him over.   Morrisey nailed a big side slam.  Moose and Morrisey tagged in and out, beating down Cardona.    

Edwards was knocked off the apron to the floor, taking a rough looking bump to the floor.  He was grabbing at his leg.  Moose tagged in and tossed him back into the ring.  Moose whipped him with authority into the corner.  Morrisey tagged in and they beat Eddie down for a long time.  He finally fought his way into position to tag out but Moose yanked Cardona off the apron, preventing that from happening.  They dragged Edwards back to the corner and the beatings continued.  

Cardona finally got the hot tag and worked over Moose.  He nailed the Broski Book in the corner and covered Moose but Morrisey hit the ring and broke up the pinfall.  He stomped away on Cardona.  They went for a double suplex but Eddie made the save.  Cardona and Moose nailed big boots at the same time.  Everyone was down and out, being counted by the referee.   They fought to their feet.  Cardona and Moose battled back and forth with punches.    Moose nailed a big pump kick on Matt.  Eddie superkicked him, then ducked as Morrisey charged.   Morrisey went over the top to the floor when Eddie ducked.  Eddie nailed a dive to the outside.

This left Moose and Cardona in the ring.  Cardona charged but was caught and drilled with the Uranage.  Moose set up for the spear but Cardona evaded it and rolled him up for a two count.    Moose went for another uranage but Cardona turned it into a victory roll for the pin.

Your winners, Matt Cardona & Eddie Edwards!

As Moose stood there shocked, Morrisey attacked him and laid the champ out with a big boot.  He stood over Moose before exiting the ring.

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