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By Mike Johnson on 2021-12-02 11:54:00

Although there has been no official announcement, WWE's planned return to Canada for their first TV tapings there in years, set for January 2022, appears to have been canceled.

The company was slated to run the following dates and markets next month:

Friday January 21 - Winnipeg (Friday Night Smackdown taping) 

Saturday January 22 - Regina (Supershow live event)

Sunday January 23 - Saskatoon (Supershow live event)

Monday January 24 - Edmonton (Monday Night Raw taping)

Instead, the following dates and markets in the United States are currently listed as going on sale on 12/10 on WWE's website, replacing the original Canadian dates, which have disappeared from

Friday January 21 - Nashville, TN (Smackdown)

Saturday January 22 - Corbin, KY (Supershow live event)

Sunday January 23 - Huntington, WV (Supershow live event)

Monday January 24 - Toledo, OH (Raw) has reached out to WWE for clarification.  Tickets for the Canadian TV loop weekend remain on sale as of this writing. 

There are several Canadian house shows for later this month still listed as taking place on WWE's website.

Thanks to Devin Cutting and Walter Wolansky for their assistance.

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