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By Cory Strode on 2021-12-01 20:35:00

It's Wednesday it's time for AEW Dynamite. We're at the Gas South Arena is Duluth Georgia...and how did they get a Duluth too? As someone from Minnesota, I thought Duluth was OURS!! Our commentators are Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Hangman Adam Page. Best wishes to Jim Ross as he undergoes treatment for skin cancer.

Page's title card reminds us he is unschooled at the art of barbecue. Justin Robe4rts is also not here tonight, and we wish him all the best as well but they don't tell us why he is not there tonight.

Bryan Danielson vs Alan Angels, 5 of the Dark Order

They lock up quickly and Bryan goes for a single leg crab and takes all four of the count before allowing the rope break. Angels is the home town boy, and the crowd is behind him. He gets in offense in to corner and the crowd chants alone with each blow. Bryan is able to take control and he taunts the crowd as he takes over and keeps Angels down.

Angels takes a beating, but when he gets a reversal into a near fall, he is able to get a brief time where he is attacking Bryan, and the crowd lights up for him, and he wrestles as a pure white meat babyface with flips and big moves like a Spanish Fly into a pin. He goes for a moonsault and Bryan gets out of the way and does his hand holding stomps. Instead of going for the pin, he taunts the crowd. Finally he puts on the knee bar, and Angels taps.

Your winner: Bryan Danielson

Bryan holds it after the bell and finally breaks it to preen for the camera. Tony goes to the ring to talk to Bryan about his title shot at Winter is Coming in two weeks. Bryan says if that's the best Atlanta has, he whooped his ass. He talks about tearing Angels MCL and he will stomp down the Dark Order member from Long Island, and then he'll take the title in Dallas Texas, home of the cowboys. When Bryan says it's not cowboy shit, but coward shit. Page gets up and John Silver says Page can't touch Bryan, but he can.

Silver goes to the ring, and Bryan bails and says he won't fight him, and that Page can't touch him. Bryan goes up the ramp and goes face to face with page and says the jerks in the crowd don't deserve to see him beat Page up.

Bryan is doing a great job at making the crowd hate him and building the heat for their upcoming match.

Miro is in a blank void and says he has had a vision from his god as to what it really is. He will now bring fear. Quick little promo to get us ready for his next program.

Lee Moriarty vs CM Punk

MJF comes out after Punk with a suit covered in The Star Of David as if it's polka dots and joins the commentary team.

They trade arm bars. They then trade holds on the mat with leg locks and headlocks. Lee is able to take down Punk with an arm bar, and Lee is getting a lot of the offense here. The match is more of a backdrop for MJF to talk about how much better he is than Punk and how MJF has beat guys like Lee quickly and Punk is struggling. On the small screen, Punk is still moving slowly as he works.

Once they are full screen, Lee is in control taking down Punk with kicks and strikes. Lee is able to suplex Punk for a two count. Punk is able to escape out the back of s suplex and then gets a cross body, but Lee rolls through for a two count. Lee then puts on a cross face on the mat. Punk is able to get to the ropes and looks as if he's gassed.

Punk goes to the top with Lee and hits a Hurricanrana, but Lee rolls through. They trade quick pins and Punk is able to stop it with a kick. Punk struggles to his feet holding his back and then goes for the GTS. Lee escapes and hits a clothesline and then a boot to the face followed by a slam and a two count.

Punk slips out the back of a suplex and has toruble getting Lee up for a GTS, but is abel to do so and gets the three count.

Your winner: CM Punk

MJF cuts Punk's music and starts talking to him. MJF says he is proud of Punk because it takes a lot fo guts to say you're the best in the world when you struggle to beat QT Marshall and Lee Moriatry. He then makes a series of references that Punk wants to sleep with Britt Baker.

Punk asks for a mic. Punk says MJF can talk all he wants about how he struggles to beat people, but they are better than him and he knows it. Punk tells him to come to the ring right now. MJF says he won't do it, and Punk needs him more than he needs Punk. MJF says he will show Punk how a real wrestler works when he wins the Dynamite Dozen for the thrid time next week and he will be amoung the good people of Long Island.

He then tells Punk not to bring his dog around any more or he will put Punk's dog to sleep. Punk makes a bee line for MJF and Wardlow steps between them. The referees step between them. MJF leaves and Punk is left staring.

Britt Baker and her team with with Tony in the back, and she is mad about Riho. Tony asks why Jaime Hayter wasn't at Friends giving, and she says it was because she was in the match of the night. Baker reminds her she lost and Hayter reminds Baker she lost to Thunder Rosa as well. Rebel interrupts and Baker says Hayter will take out Riho next week.

Hayter does not take part in the DMD.

Adam Cole joins the commentary team. Orange Cassidy comes out and Cole goes face to face with him. Cassidy's hands go to his pockets and the Young Bucks come out behind Cassidy and Cassidy gives him the soft kicks. They give Cassidy a hard kick to the yam bag and then give their own soft kicks. They follow up with a super kick.

They set up for the BTE trigger, but Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta chase them off with chairs.

We get a video package for Tony Nece and Sammy Guevara for their match on Rampage Friday night.

Wardlow vs AC Adams

AC is in the ring already and you know what that means. Wardlow with a set of power bomb and a cover for a three count.

Your winner: Wardlow

Shawn Spears comes into the ring and wails on Adams with a chair. Do we need Wardlow being shown as a monster? How about we move forward on Spears being an Accountability Buddy? The show has been a bit dull, even if they are doing more story stuff tonight.

A brief promo in the back from Pac and Penta. BY brief, less than 15 seconds by my count.

Taz joins commentary.

Gunn Club vs Sting and Darby Allin

Darby starts with Colton, and they are selling this as two undefeated teams. Bardy gets an arm drag and a shotgun drop kick and Billy Gunn tags in. Sting has new face paint as well. Sting tags in to facer Billy Gunn.

Gunn is taller than Sting. Sting gets a series of blows and a reverse atomic drop and Gunn goes to the outside. Colton goes into the ring and Sting takes a few pokes at him and tags in Darby. Darby goes for a coffin splash and Bill Gunn just drops him. Billy tags is Colton again and it appears as if he's directing Colton to get to work on him. The Gunn tags in and out quickly as we go picture in picture, so Darby gets the beat down during the commercials.

When they return to the full screen, Colton puts Darby in a scorpion death lock. Darby rolls through and gets to the ropes and Colton is mocking Sting as he lets go. Darby shoves Colton into Billy and Sating is tagged in to clean house. Colton gets slammed and put in the Scorpion Death Lock. Austin sneaks in behind the ref to break it up and Darby nails him out of the ring. Billy hits a Famouser on Sting while the ref isn't looking and Colton covers for a two count.

Darby then leaps onto Billy outside the ring. Darby hits the over the top stunner and Sting hits the scorpion death drop and Colton is down and pinned for three.

Your winners: Sting and Darby Allin

An OK match, but it didn't feel big enough to end the Gunn Club's undefeated streak.

In the back, Jericho says he wasn't helping Eddie Kingston, he was attacking 2.0. They attack him as they are called, and leave him lying.

Lio Rush comes out to confront Taz. He says that he's had the odds stacked against him his whole career. He then says it's silly that Taz says Team Taz has a 100 % chance of willing the Diamond Battle Royal. He says he is a fighter, and he won't be going down without a fight.

Lio's speech is lackluster and he seems a bit lost.

Dante and Ricky Starks come out to stand between Lio Rush and Taz.

Mark Sterling and Jade Cargill have a promo mocking Thunder Rosa. Rosa shows and says that she has been asked to commentate on Jade's Match with Rosa's protege Jania Kai on Rampage.

Kray Statlander vs Ruby Soho TBS Tournament

Taz sings along with Ruby's music again,. But sadly, we don't get Taz dancing.

Maybe this will be our first good match of the night.

They lockup, trade arm bars, move to the mat for headlocks with Statlander on top. They get to their feet and still in the headlock. Ruby reverses and they try overhooks and backslides, but both are too evenly matched. As they work, Ruby stomps from using a closed fist and then Statlander stomps from a boot to the face. They trade attempted take downs. They then take each other down and quickly get back up to take the other down. The story they are telling is that they are evenly matched and respect each other too much to take a cheap shot.

Ruby gets a flatliner and a two count as they go to the small screen.

When they return to full screen, Ruby is going to the top and this a senton and gets a two count. Ruby quickly goes for another pin after a side kick to Statlander's head and gets a two count. Ruby tries for a suplex but Statlander is able to block it and get the blue thunder bomb to a two count. Statlander locks on a spider crab submission and then hits Ruby with a buckle bomb and a two count.

They trade elbows and Ruby gets the better of the exchange. Ruby goes for a leap out of the corner and Statlander stops it, holding her up top. Ruby gets a Poisonrana, a second rana slamming Statlander head first into the mat and a two count. Ruby's look of shock is AMAZING. Her eyes are wider than I have seen from anyone, and a great visual that helps swell how the two ranas should be enough to win.

Ruby goes for No Future and Statlander blocks in, Statlander goes for a big bang theory and Ruby reverses for a roll up and a three count.

Your winner and moving on in the TBS Tournament: Ruby Soho

Solid match that took a bit to get going, but once they got their rhythm, it became an excellent 50-50 match where Ruby got the surprise roll up.

They hug after the match and as Vickie Guerrero gets in Statlander's face on the top of the ramp, Nyla Rose attacks Ruby in the ring. Statlander comes to drive Nyla off, but Ruby has already been taken down.

Andrade vs Cody in an Atlanta Street Fight because it's been almost three weeks since out last street fight.

The boo birds are out for Cody and his elaborate entrance.

Andrade attacks Cody on his way to the ring, and Jose knocks Arn off the ramp. Arn attacks Joe and Cody and Andrade fight into the crowd.

After booing Cody, now the crowd is chanting his name. Cody hits a moonsault off one of the barricades in the crowd and they go back to ringside. Andrade drops Cody into the corner of the upside down steel steps. Cody tosses Andrade into into the ring post and goes to T Pain at ringside for a hug and a steel chair.

Watch Go Big Show, right?

They fight more at ringside and then go into the ring where the Crowd is booing AND chanting for Cody. Cody takes off his belt and wanders around the ring, and turns into a punch in the yam bag from Andrade. Andrade takes the weight belt and lashes Cody with it. He then grabs his leather bag filled with implements of destruction. Cody's back looks like he is peeling from a terrible sunburn.

We have laptops, chains, garbage can lids and a table being used now. Cody has a chain and Andrade has a table. The crowd wants tables and Andrade tells them no. He then hits a split leg moonsault onto a chair on Cody's midsection. Cody then is able to escape from a suplex and gets to kick Andrade in the yam bag as we go to the small scree. On the small screen, Armed Anderson is still beating on Jose, and Cody and Andrade keep beating the living spit out of each other.

When they are back on full screen, Cody tosses a chair at Andrade's face. Cody is able to nail big right hands on Andrade and finishes the exchange with a fist wrapped in a chain. Cody suplexes Andrade rolls out of the ring and he gets a chair up when Cody tries for a tope. Andadre rips up the padding around the ring and gets back dropped on the concrete.


He tosses aside a kendo stick, a sledge hammer and selltes on the golden shovel. Jose runs at Cody with a taser, and Cody nails him with the shovel. Andrade hits an escalera on Cody on the floor. Back to the ring and Andrade has a chair. He pins Cody in the corner with a chair and peppers his head with blows. Andrade then leaps into the chair into Cody in the corner.

Andrade gets a two count. He doesn't like this and goes out to get a table to put in the ring. He props it up in the corner. Andrade is able to hip toss Cody into the table, breaking the rule that who ever sets up the table goes through it. Another table comes out from Andrade. Cody and Andrade fight over the tale once it gets in the ring and Cody is set up on the table and Andrade goes to the top.

Cody was playing possum and leaps to the top. Cody is dropped off the top and Andrade sets up for a leap and Cody sweeps his leg. Brandi Rhodes slides into the ring and lights the table with lighter fluid. Cody takes them both through the table with a back suplex, Cody covers Andrade and gets the three count.

Your winner: Cody Rhodes

The commentators say that Cody asked the ref what happened as if he didn't know what Brandi had done. He celebrates in the ring and we're out of time!

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