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By Richard Trionfo on 2021-11-30 22:00:00

Your announcers are Beth Phoenix, Wade Barrett, and Vic Joseph.

Toxic Attraction and Dakota Kai walk in the back and so do Kay Lee Ray and her teammates for War Games.

Good thing they meet at the stage and they all brawl.  Officials try to separate them.

Kay Lee Ray is kicked into a ladder by Kai.

Match Number One:  Dakota Kai versus Kay Lee Ray in a Ladder Match for War Games Advantage Supremacy

The match starts and Ray with a super kick and senton off the turnbuckles onto Kai on the floor.  Ray goes under the ring.  Ray gets a ladder from under the ring and they play tug of war with it.  Ray pushes Kai against the apron and traps her with the ladder.  Ray with a super kick.  Ray goes for a Gory Bomb but Kai escapes and kicks Ray.  Kai goes into the ring to avoid Ray.  Kai goes to the floor and Ray follows but Kai with a KaiRhodes into the ring steps.   Kai looks under the ring and gets another ladder.  Kai puts the ladder against the apron and kicks Ray.  Ray Irish whips Kai into the ring steps.  Ray puts the ladder in the ring.  Kai pulls the ladder to the floor.

Ray with a suicide dive onto Kai.  Ray with a gourdbuster onto the ladder on the floor.  Ray is in the ring with a ladder and sets it up in the ring.  Ray starts to climb and Kai with a forearm to the back and Ray falls to the mat.  Kai sends Ray into the turnbuckles and Kai climbs the ladder.  Ray grabs Kai's ankle and pulls her off the ladder.  Kai Irish whips Ray into the ladder.  Kai with a hard Irish whip and running boot in the corner.  Kai kicks Ray.  Kai sends Ray into the turnbuckles and Kai with kicks and she chokes Ray in the corner.  Kai with a kick and forearm to the back.  Kai with forearms.  

Ray with a gourdbuster to Kai.  Ray goes to the turnbuckles but Kai with a bicycle kick and then she has Ray hanging from the turnbuckles.  Kai with a double stomp off the turnbuckles and she goes to the floor.  Kai sends Ray into the apron.  Kai gets into the ring and starts to climb the ladder.  Ray stops Kai on the ladder but Kai with a kick to the back.  Kai with more boots to Ray and she goes back up the ladder.  Ray stops Kai and Kai kicks Ray.  Kai yells at Ray and stands on Ray's back.  Kai with forearms.

Kai with a heel hook to add more damage to the knee.  Kai with a kick to the knee and she stands on Ray's knee.  Kai wraps the leg in the ropes and kicks it.  Kai with another heel hook in the ropes.  Ray kicks Kai to escape the hold and Ray falls to the floor.  Ray with a KLR Bomb onto the announce table.  

We see Toxic Attraction standing in the back with a monitor behind them.

Ray gingerly climbs the ladder and Kai climbs the other side to catch Ray.  They exchange punches and forearms on top of the ladder.  Kai sends Ray's head into the top of the ladder and Ray falls to the mat.  Kai has the briefcase but Ray grabs the ankle.  Ray falls to the mat and Kai with a double stomp off the ladder.  Kai climbs back up the ladder and she is pulled down by Ray.  Ray sends Kai's head into the bottom of the ladder and Ray start to climb the ladder over Kai.  Kai grabs Ray and pulls her off the ladder.  Ray with a kick to Kai.  Ray climbs the ladder and she has the briefcase and pulls it off.

Winner:  Kay Lee Ray

We take a look at Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson and their Hair Match and Andre Chase and Cameron Grimes' interaction last week.  

Andre Chase talks about how Grimes tried to embarrass him in front of his students.  Chase makes a challenge to Grimes.

We go to commercial.

We are back and The Grizzled Young Veterans are in the back and Zack is in Brooks Jensen's locker and Ikemen Jiro shows up and he screams loud enough for KUSHIDA to show up.  They tell each other to shush.  Jensen and Briggs show up and ask KUSHIDA and Jiro what they were doing because Drake and Gibson ran away.

Match Number Two:  Cameron Grimes versus Andre Chase

They lock up and Grimes goes for the leg but Chase with a front face lock.  Grimes with an escape and he taunts Grimes.  Grimes with a kick to the chest and then he sends Chase into the turnbuckles.  Grimes sends Chase to the apron but Chase pulls Grimes down by the hair.  Chase with a neck breaker for a near fall.  Chase with an Irish whip and he sends Grimes into the turnbuckles.  Chase kicks Grimes and does the C-H-A-S-E-U Stomp.  Grimes escapes a slam attempt and Grimes with a rana.  Grimes with a running forearm and a second one.  Grimes with a running boot in the corner but misses a curb stomp but hits Cave In for the three count.

Winner:  Cameron Grimes

After the match, Hudson appears on the HHH Balcony and he congratulates Grimes on his last victory with a full head of hair.  Hudson says he knows a guy who knows a guy and he has some future photos of Grimes after Sunday.  

Hudson says the internet said that he made Grimes look better after cutting his hair.  He is going to remove all of Grimes' hair on Sunday.

Grimes grabs Chase and brings him back into the ring.  Grimes goes into the storage case and he gets some clippers.  A 'student' makes the save.

Grimes says he is shaving Duke bald at War Games.

We take a look at who will be in the Men's Ladder Match.  Johnny Gargano will represent The Millionaires' Club.

The New Breed of NXT (Tony D'Angelo, Grayson Waller, Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, and Trick Williams) walk in the back and we go to commercial.

We are back with an Edris Enofe video package.  He says that people tried to mold him into what he would be.  He was told that he would never get out of Inglewood.  People wanted him to fail.  He signed up to sacrifice 5 years of his life in the military.  He was told he had accomplished all he could.  He was surrounded by doubters and it isolated him.  Solo Sikoa fought alone and they are not very different.  He gets to prove his doubters wrong.  He wants to be the epitome of excellence.

Alicia Taylor is in the ring with the New Breed.  She lets them know that Johnny Gargano will be in the ladder match later tonight.  She asks them about War Games.  

Hayes says you are looking at the future of WWE.  Hayes tells Gargano he has done it all in NXT.  You had food on your plate for years.  Big matches and big moments.  Action figures and video games.  He tells Gargano to bring him his plate because he is the A Champion.

Waller says Team Hot Dogs and Handshakes wants us to carry your bags, but we came in and slapped you in the face and put it on social media.  He tells LA Knight that his presence is angering Knight, but that is the Grayson Waller Effect.

Bron says Ciampa calls him a puppy and uses math reference and talks about how he will drown in the ocean of inexperience.  We are going to win at War Games and then I am coming for the NXT Championship.

Tony says he knows a little about gold.  He says they paved the road that they are on.  That road has potholes and he sees four potholes that need to be filled and we will do it with your heads.  You better bring your best on Sunday.

Alicia mentions that their representative in the ladder match is Bron Breakker.

Johnny Gargano says you live in a unicorn and vomit filled fantasy land.  You say you are going to take care of us.  If it wasn't for guys like me, you five wouldn't have a ring to stand in.  You want to bury all of that.  You get your chance tonight and it starts with you.  The Big Bad Booty Nephew himself.  Johnny says he is out here all by himself.  Why not show these people you are not just a Booty Nephew and leave your team in the back.  Give the people what they want, Gargano versus Breakker, one on one and man on man.

Bron tells Gargano if you want a ladder match, he will leave his team behind and he will kick Johnny's ass.

Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner are in the back.

We go to McKenzie Mitchell with Legado del Fantasma.  She asks about their match tonight.  Joaquin says they beat them already and will do it again.  Mendoza says Kyle and Von will have no excuses after tonight.  Santos says they will go out and prove themselves.  Elektra says on Sunday they will be draped in gold.

We go to commercial.

We are back with MSK on their voyage to the Shaman.  Lee is afraid that something is going to go wrong.   Carter turns left even though GPS says he has to turn right.  The GPS says it is about time they finally got to the Shaman.  The GPS is related to the computer from Airplane 2.

Lee says they would have gotten there faster if they weren't driving 7 miles per hour.

They get to the door and Carter says he is nervous so he has Lee knock on the door.

The Shaman is in a shadow.

Match Number Three:  Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza (with Santos Escobar and Elektra Lopez) versus Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner in a Number One Contender Match 

Wagner and Mendoza start things off and Mendoza is sent into the turnbuckles.  Mendoza with a wrist lock.  Wagner with a forearm and Mendoza with a chop.  Mendoza goes to the apron and he kicks Wagner and leaps over him.  Wagner with a flying shoulder tackle and Kyle tags in.  Kyle with a kick and Wagner with a head butt.  Kyle with a hammer lock into a side head lock.  Wilde tags in and Kyle with a side head lock.  Mendoza and Wilde with a double spinebuster and double drop kick for two near falls.  Wilde with a shoulder tackle and he gets a near fall.  Wilde gets another near fall.

Wilde backs Kyle into the corner and Mendoza tags in.  Mendoza with a forearm.  Mendoza with another elbow.  Kyle with a single leg take down but Mendoza kicks Kyle away.  Kyle blocks a sunset flip but Mendoza counters with a rollup.  Wagner tags in and Kyle grabs Mendoza and Wagner with a leap frog onto Mendoza's back.  Wagner with a waist lock take down for a near fall.

Xyon Quinn makes his way to the ringside area.

We go to commercial.

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