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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-30 10:00:00

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Maybe it's me, but, I feel like WWE has lost its way.  They have forgotten what brought them to the dance.  I am not even sure where there focus is now.  In your opinion, what do they need to do to right the ship?

This one is clear, they need to remove Vince McMahon as the head of the creative end of the company.  He is the issue.  He sets the course.  He is a 76 year old man that has no idea what interests younger people.  I could argue that he doesn't even know what interests older people at this point.  The problem with WWE to people who no longer like the product is the creative direction, or lack thereof, and that falls completely on Vince.

If Vince sells WWE, who do you think the best buyer would be?

Peacock/Comcast is the most obvious choice to me.  The synergy with them distributing the Network and two of the three TV shows makes them the obvious choice.

If Kevin Owens leaves, does he end up in AEW?  Same question for Kyle O'Riley.

AEW can't take everyone that WWE releases, and they shouldn't.  But in both cases, they should sign those two if they become available.

What's harder to watch right now WWE or ROH (knowing the problems they are having)?

WWE, easily.  WWE has every reason to put on a quality product and just doesn't do it most of the time.  At least with ROH, we know why they are in the position they are in and there isn't much that they can do to change it.

I saw video of Rollins getting jumped by a fan and I thought it took incredible restraint by him to not start punching him when security and the refs got him free? I was wondering what would have happened if Rollins started punching and kicking him when he was free? Would he be charged or suspended?

There is no way of telling until after it would have happened.  That is exactly why Seth did the right thing and anyone that is criticizing him is clueless.  He clearly thought before he acted.  That is what smart people do.

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