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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-29 10:00:00

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You’re given free rein to the WWE archives, you can take home 1 piece of Wrestling memorial, what are you taking and why?

Honestly?  Nothing.  I am not a collector, of anything.  I never have been.

You’re given free rein to the WWE video library, you can take home 1 tape, what are you taking and why?

Much like the first question, I am not someone that goes back and watches old tapes so nothing really matters to me.  The only thing I may have wanted was the first ECW PPV, due to its importance, but I already have a copy of that.

How big of an a****** is Chavo for mocking Seth Rollins for how he handled the idiot that tackled him on Raw?

Chavo came off really badly there, and ignorant as well.  If Seth beat the snot out of the guy on National TV, he opens WWE up to a ton of liability.  He did the totally right thing.  He subdued the goof and then turned it over to other people to handle.

Just read your article about Seth Rollins and how he handled and I was wondering why you think Seth Rollins would have faced a lawsuit if he had choked him out? Wouldn’t Seth be in his rights to choke the guy out in self defense since the guy blindsided him and Seth not knowing if he had a weapon or not?

It was Mike’s article, but I will respond anyway because I agree with him.  This is American where the perpetrator can turn into the victim in the matter of a response from the original victim.  The use of force is fine in response.  When it becomes punitive is where it becomes an issue.  Had Seth really hurt the guy, a lawsuit would have been file, count on it.  You never know what happens when a suit goes to trial.

When I watch AEW there seems to be a lot of younger fans in the audience.  However there is also a lot of strong language used, both by the wrestlers and the fans.  On last week’s Dynamite a young man, appearing to be around 11 or 12 years old, was bracketed by two fans yelling “Shut the f**k up” which I find intolerable, especially if one of the fans was his parent / guardian.  Your thoughts please?

I don’t blame AEW.  They don’t hide that they are fine with salty language since they use it on TV.  I don’t blame the fans, for the same reason.  So it comes down to the parents.  If they are bringing a pre-teen to AEW, they should know what they are getting into.  And if they didn’t, once those chants started they had a decision to make as to whether they should stay or not.

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