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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-27 10:00:00

Any chance of the Beautiful People returning to Impact Wrestling in 2022?

It's certainly possible.  Angelina Love would be free from any contractual obligations with ROH shortly and I don't believe Velvet Sky is signed to the NWA.  So, the possibility is there, as long as all sides wanted to work together.

Why was Brian Myers pulled from the most recent Impact taping?

He wasn't cleared to perform, as they said.    He did not work for Wrestlecade this weekend either.  We wish him a quick return to the ring.

For those who want to collect, what are the rarest WWE DVDs?

The ones that come to mind are The Raw Homecoming, which was only available via Wal-Mart with purchase of a Wrestlemania DVD and a rare FYE version of a Trish Stratus DVD that was only released with a lot print run.  There were a lot of special edition DVDs that had short runs for different retailers that are out of business, such as Circuit City, as well that seem to be harder to come by as well.

With Ring of Honor shutting down, what happens to Honor Club and ROH's video library?  What about their TV?

I haven't heard anything about Honor Club or the library being discarded.  My guess is ROH will continue the service and will keep releasing content.  The majority of the last set of TV tapings were for content that will air after Final Battle, so they will have new content.

If WWE could get one celebrity for Wrestlemania next year to wrestle, who should it be?

Taylor Swift.

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