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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-28 10:00:00

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With stuff like the poker player, the teacher, The tennis playing girl and many more new characters introduced since the invention of 2.0 is this the closest we will ever get good or bad to a return to New Generation?

Man, just when I think you can’t make me more bitter at what they have done to NXT, you send in this question.  Ugh.

Do you think HHH would have eventually wound up in WWE management/ creative even if he had never become involved with Stephanie McMahon?

I do, yes.  Would he have been an officer in the company?  That I can’t say but I do think he would have stayed on and worked in some capacity for the company.  He loves (or maybe loved, past tense after what they did to his NXT) the business and I think he would have stayed on as he got older.

Undertaker recently said on The Bump that Omos is the closest we've seen to Andre.  Really??  Taker obviously has much, much more insight into the business than any of us, so what does he see in Omos that we don't?  And how can he make that statement with a straight face, especially considering he worked with Paul Wight numerous times?

Taker has a right to his opinion.  He sees a HUGE man in Omos and maybe in his view, he can see that his work inside the ring will improve.  Me?  I would never compare him to Andre at this point, other than if I were making a size comparison.

I have been a fan of Jurassic Express with the exception of Marko Stunt. My love for the tag team was negated by my distain for that little embarrassment. Do you think AEW smartened up and is keeping him off TV for this big push for the tag team? I can only imagine Christian Cage spoke up and got these guys ready.

I have definitely noticed that he has been missing from the act, and I think it’s a positive.  I have nothing against Stunt the person, but I think it makes The Express more of a novelty act when they have him at ringside.  I think The Express is more than just a novelty act so removing Stunt is addition by subtraction to me.

Nowadays, there are a ton of wrestling personalities with their own podcasts. Back in the day, were there any shows covering wrestling hosted by those personalities on terrestrial radio during a time when kayfabe was strong? I know the main guy doing one was John Arezzi.

The two I remember were Arezzi’s and Mike Tenay’s.  Arezzi’s was in the New York area while Tenay’s had distribution around the country.

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