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By Richard Trionfo on 2021-11-25 21:19:00

We start off with a look back at War Chamber and the future of Contra Unit.

Your announcers are Joe Dombrowski and Rich Bocchini.

Match Number One: Calvin Tankman versus TJP in a Semifinal Match in the 2021 Opera Cup

They lock up and Tankman sends TJP into the corner and TJP wants the referee to keep Tankman way. They lock up and TJP is pushed to the mat by Tankman. TJP with a drop kick and Tankman is made angry. TJP with Euroepan uppercuts. Tankman with a hard Irish whip. Tankman with chops and a biel. Tankman with an Irish whip and TJP floats over and connects with a forearm anc hops. TJP with a side head lock. Tankman blocks a side head lock take down. TJP with a take down using the ropes for extra leverage. Tankman with a rollup for a near fall.

TJP goes for a shoulder tackle and he bounces off Tankman. TJP tries again and has the same result. TJP slaps Tankman and tells him to comeo off the ropes. TJP goes to the floor and gets some water.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Tankman backs TJP into the corner and he chops TJP and biels him across the ring. TJP hangs in the ropes and Tankman carhges at him and TJP moves and Tankman goes to the floor. Tankman trips TJP and pulls him to the floor. Tankman sets for a dive but TJP goes under the ring to avoid Tankman.

We see Alex Kane and a mystery man walking down the ramp.

TJP comes from under the ring and spits water in Tankman’s eyes. TJP with a cross body and he punches Tankman. TJP kicks Tankman in the back. TJP with a knee lift and arm bar. TJP works on the leg and tries to hyper-extend it. TJP sends Tankman into the turnbuckles. Tankman sends TJP to the apron and TJP slides under and goes for a sunset flip. Tankman gets TJP up on his shoulders and TJP with an octopus. TJP gets Tankman to his knees followed by a drop kick. Tankman pushes Kane and then the mystery man connects with a boot.

Kane with a German suplex while the mystery man hits a clothesline. In the ring, TJP and the referee are looking at something on the other side of the building. The referee sees Tankman down and cannot put two and two together to get four.

TJP with the face wash and sets for the running boot but Tankman gets up and hits a pounce. Tankman with an Irish whip but TJP gets a boot. Tankman with a back breaker and clothesline for a near fall. Tankman signals it is over but TJP with a kick. Tankman with strikes but he misses a back fist. Tankman with a pop up spinning back fist but he misses a back fist to the back of the head. TJP with a rollup. TJP with a tornado DDT and then TJP goes up top and Tankman with a palm thrust. Tankman goes sfor a superplex but TJP blocks it and head butts Tankman. TJP with a cross body and Tankman goes for the Tankman driver but TJP holds on to the ropes and pulls off a turnbuckle pad. The referee talks to TJP while Kane and the mystery man send Tankman into the exposed buckle. TJP with a frog splash for the three count.

Winner: TJP (advances to face Davey Richards in Finals)

Alicia Atout is with TJP on the stage.

She tells TJP that he should be ashamed for how that match ended.

TJP says a hard working city like Philadelphia would appreciate it when you do a job all by yourself. Delegating the work is a pretty tough job.

Rich mentions the Open Door policy that MLW announced.

Ho Ho Lun will be coming to MLW in January.

Alicia Atout is in the back with Warhorse and she asks him how does it feel to be named the Most Interesting Person. Warhorse says it feels damn good and gets an award plopped in his greasy mitts. He says they spelled his name wrong because it is supposed to be all caps.

KC Navarro shows up and he asks who is the most interesting person from Parts Unknown.

Warhorse says he does not like him interrupting his time.

KC says it is his business and then Warhorse head butts Navarro. Navarro with a forearm and they go back and forth.

Emilio Sparks is with Calvin Tankman and Calvin punches a door. Emilio asks if that would have happened if he joined Alex’s fight team. Calvin tells him not to bring it up. Emilio keeps asking the same question and Calvin grabs Emilio by the throat. He says Alex Kane is f***ed. Calvin says he has been proving himself and this was his opportunity to show he is one of the best. Alex took food out of my daughter’s mouth. Do you know what happens when people f*** with my money.

Myron Reed shows up and holds Calvin back and he tells Calvin it needs to be an eye for an eye.

We go to commercial.

We are back in Hawaii and Ross wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Marshall thanks everyone for the messages. They want to get back to work. Marshall says that Cesar has to get the f*** out of the way. Ross says Konnan has to get his men to the back of the line. Marshall says the Von Erichs have not had a title match in Dallas in 40 years so give us our title match.

We are told that Tajiri will defend the Middleweight Championship against Atsuki Aoyagi and that match will air in two weeks.

Match Number Two: Budd Heavy versus Gnarls Garvin

Gnarls with punches in the cirner and then he connects with head butts and punches. Gnarls with a drop kick and cross body to the back against the ropes. Garvin with a Saito suplex for the three count.

Winner: Gnarls Garvin

Alicia Atout is with Gnarls Garvin.

Garvin says he tells Alicia to get him some Coors from the back. Garvin says for those who are dumb as hell, his name is Gnarls Garvin. He says he came here for one reason, to chew the cud and spit it out. A good personal friend of his from Nashville sent him here tonight. You line em up and I will eat them for breakfast and lunch.

We take another look back at War Chamber.

Alicia Atout is with Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday. She asks if this is potentially the end of Contra.

Alex says that this is the definitive end of Contra.

Holliday says he has to stop Alex. The babyfaces prevailed.

Alex says Richard isn’t a babyface, maybe a tweener.

Richard says that Alicia should have been asking him about the difference between the holidays and the Hollidays. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in August. His Hollidays are doing it at their house/winter residence.

Hammerstone asks if they will have the egg nog muscle milk and Holliday says it is almond milk.

Hammerstone is handed a note from the masked silent assistant of Cesar Duran and he also has a Rolex with him. Holliday likes the idea of a promotional campaign but Hammerstone reminds Holliday that his is from Cesar Duran. Hammerstone says this is not great, it is bait. Holliday says he has a date and he will look great. Hammerstone says no.

We see the National Openweight Championship above the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what happened after War Chamber with Contra Unit.

We are told that the Von Erichs will get their tag title match in Dallas.

Emilio Sparks comes up to Alex Kane and his sunglasses wearing friend and Emilio asks who the mystery man is. Alex says this is the newest addition to his team. He is Mr. Thomas. We have a ladder match to focus on.

Calvin Tankman shows up and he is held back by security.

We go to Cesar Duran’s office and he is with Emilio Sparks and Alicia Atout. He asks why does he need two reporters. Alicia says to get two perspectives and Emilio says there is a lot going on. Cesar says they speak for a living so go ahead. Emilio lets Alicia talk first. She says she has been doing this for more than a decade to see what makes people tick. It goes beyond the wrestling. Emilio asks if Cesar wants cute. He knows what is going on, but does Alicia. It isn’t sunshine and rainbows. It is a warzone.

Emilio and Alicia argue and Karlee show up and she says that she likes her because she is ambition. She says he is fearless, but is it bravery or foolishness? Time will tell. Contra almost killed Sparks on his first day.

Duran mentions that Alicia tried to get him deported.

Karlee suggests they let them fight it out.

Duran says they love what they are doing. They want them to get the scoops.

Masked Assistant returns with the watch.

Match Number Three: Alex Kane versus Alex Shelley versus Myron Reed versus Zenshi versus ACH in Ladder Match for the MLW National Openweight Championship

They all go after Kane with kicks and elbows. Shelley and ACH work together and Kane with through a double clothesline and this a double clotheslines. Kane blcoks a double suplex from Zenshi and Reed and hits a double suplex. Mr. Thomas brings a ladder into the ring for Kane. ACH with chops to Kane and then they exchange forearms. Shelley trips Kane and ACH with a drop kick. ACH goes for a pescado on Kane but Kane moves and ACH hits Shelley.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kane brings a ladder itno the ring but Zenshi and Reed with drop kicks to Kane. Zenshi with a Tiger Feint Kick and he hits a springboard and touches the belt but cannot grab it. Reed with a matrix and kick. Reed starts to climb the ladder but Zenshi stops him. Zenshi gets to the top fo the ladder but Reed pushes Zenshi to the ropes. Reed slides under the ladder when Zenshi moves in the ring but ACH and Shelley hit Reed with the ladder.

Zenshi with a hesitation kick but Shelley and ACH hit Zenshi with the ladder. ACH starts up the ladder and Shelley stop shim. Shelley with a dragon screw in the ladder and he kicks ACH. Kane with a belly-to-back suplex to stop Shelley from climbing. ACH hits Kane with the ladder and then ACH with a clothesline followed by a kick and tornado DDT.

ACH puts the ladder in the center of the ring but Reed stops ACH. ACH sends Reed into the ladder. ACH starts to climb and Reed with a springboard cutter to ACH. Zenshi tries to bring in a ladder and Reed stomps on the ladder. Shelley with an STO into the ladder and Reed goes down. Shelley starts to climb and Kane goes after him but Shelley with a rake of the eyes. Kane goe s for a double choke slam on Shelley and Reed but they escape. Reed goes for a springboard cutter and someone pushes a ladder into the ring and Reed lands on it. Zenshi with a hesitation slingshot splash onto Reed on the ladder. Shelley with a drop toe hold into the ladder by Shelley.

Sheley puts Zenshi between the ladder and stands on it. Shelley with a drop kick into the ladder. Shelley gets rid of that ladder. Zenshi pushes Shelley into the corner with the ladder. ACH with a German suplex off the ladder wedged against Shelley. Kane with an exploder to ACH on the ladder. Reeed misses a splash and then Kane goes over the top rope when Reed drops down. Reed with a springboard leg drop and a plancha onto ACH and Thomas.

Reed and ACH set up ladders next to each other. Everyone but Kane climb the ladders and they exchange punches. Reed and Zenshi knock Shelley and ACH off the ladder. Zenshi with a head scissors off the ladder to take Reed to the mat. Shelley climbs the ladder and Kane pulls Shelley off. Kane tosses Shelley to the floor. Kane climbs the ladder and takes the belt.

Winner: Alex Kane (New Champion)

After the match, Calvin Tankman makes his way to the ring and officials and security try to hold him back.

We go to credits.

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