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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-25 10:00:00

Why does it seem like one hand in WWE has no idea what the other is doing?  Do you think they know how bad the creative is?

I think you pretty much answered your own question.  There are so many direction changes, firings, etc. while the company is obviously in a transformative stage as they want to re-position things more firmly in the Hollywood world that I absolutely believe there are those inside the company who are overwhelmed or confused with what is going on.  I think there are forces in the company more interested in trying to sell WWE as a theme park attraction or a character for a movie concept or whatever the new project is than they are making sure every three hour Raw broadcast is the most awesome three hour broadcast ever.  There are certainly people who just want to work on improving and making the shows better, but at the end of the day, a very small group of people wield the power in the company and they are the ones who direct the energy and make the decisions.

Can you please explain to me the Shawn Michaels losing his smile deal?

In 1997, Michaels was the reigning WWF champion and was expected to drop the belt.  He suddenly announced, literally out of nowhere, that he was going to need career-ending knee surgery and forfeited the title on Raw.  During the speech, he said that he had lost his smile and was going home to find it.  At the time, many of the top names in the company felt Shawn simply didn't want to drop the belt at Wrestlemania and as time rolled around, Michaels never had surgery and later returned to the ring.  In his autobiography, he claimed he was listening to one doctor without getting a second opinion.  Once got the second opinion, he eventually returned.

I am catching up on some old WWE stuff on Peacock.  If The Great Khali was in Tampa for Wrestlemania, why wouldn't he appear at the WWE Hall of Fame?

As we reported at the time, Khali was in the United States.  It would appear he was not cleared to enter the HOF building and appeared via video from his hotel room.  Days later, he was allowed to be in Tampa for Wrestlemania.

There was no listing for the HOF for 2022 for Wrestlemania weekend.  Any insight?

Nothing yet.  It could be they are moving it to another event's weekend or they are going to have a taped version again without a live crowd.  We will see.

I saw the video of Triple H with other execs at the new WWE HQ.  Is he back running NXT?  Should we expect a pre-Wargames media call?

I haven't heard from anyone that he's back working on the day to day.  As far as Wargames, my feeling is (and this is JUST my feeling) that those pre-show media calls are probably not going to happen in the near future, if at all, anytime soon.  If I am WWE, I don't see the point in putting HHH or anyone in a position as to where they will have to respond to questions about the changes, talents who could be or have exited, talents like Hit Row being let go after being called up, etc.  I don't see the upside, from WWE's perspective, to opening those doors right now.  Perhaps I am wrong and we'll see an invitation next week, but my gut is that doesn't happen.

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