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By Cory Strode on 2021-11-24 20:15:00

It's Wednesday, we're at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago IL, and it's AEW Dynamite. Our commentary team is Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone.

CM Punk vs QT Marshall

Best sign so far? Remaster Super Mario RPG. I love the video game signs at AEW events. It's a weird quirk the fans have started on their own, especially since so many AEW wrestlers are video game fans.

MJF's music starts after Punk comes out, and MJF is suited. He gets in the ring and the fans let him know they think he's an a$$hole. He tell Punk it doesn't feel so good being interrupted and calls him Punky Brewster, which was a new one. The crowd chants for him to shut up and he simply says no. He then rips into Punk and says the pipe bomb was his best moment, but every MJF moment is the best moment. He isn't a one trick pony. He also gets in a few shots at Punk being straight edge. He then says that Punk talked about how he wanted to face everyone but him.

And that's because does doesn't want none from MJF. Punk watches stone faced. MJF then says he can outdo Punk on the mic. Punk grabs a mic to rebut.

Punk then says he is so disappointed in MJF. He then rips into MJF. He says he never brought up MJF because he didn't feed his ego, and there's probably a poster of Punk on his wall. Punk then says he shut him up without saying a work. And after seven days of prep, MJF went for low hanging fruit, and MJF is just a less famous Miz.

MJF criticizes Punk attack and says it wasd almost what he wanted, which encapsulated his career in AEW, and people are liking Punk because fo nostalgia. MJF says that Punk has struggled to win and struggled to say anything that matters. MJF then says Punk has been kissing ass since he came back. He then mocks Punk's promos and him going gray, and calls him PG Punk. He says Punk might as well be preaching Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect.

This is great! I am not a fan of promo battles to start shows, but this one feels like it has real juice. Punk giving the stone face as MJF rants makes it work even better, showing that he knows what MJF does, and he's not buying it.

Punk says that there is some truth to what MJF says, he was scared to come back and if people might not care any more. He then rips into MJF and says MJF can't do anything without his backup. He says MJF talks about how he is the most powerful of the four pillars, but doesn't know he's been repolaced by Britt Baker. And the only way MJF is number 1 is if we wait around for Tony to have a daughter he can marry. Punk says they are going to fight right here, right now.

MJF takes off his scarf, his jacket and rolls out of the ring and walks to the back.

When we get back from the commercial, we finally get the match.

Punk knocks QT around and then slams him repeatedly. Punk gets a two count and then slaps on a side headlock. Comorado and Solow get told to get to the back after they try to interfere. QT gets slammed AGAIN, and QT is able to get in a little offense with punches.

Punk turns it around quickly and he gets punches in the corner and a toss to the other corner. QT gets a little more offense in and a couple of two counts. Punk fights his way out of a headlock and goes after QT in the corner who fights his way into control until Punk hits him with a back body drop. Punk gets a clothesline from the apron on QT as they go to the small screen.

When they return to full screen, Punk has been beat down by QT and is starting his comeback. QT hits a Liger Bomb for a two count. The commentators explain that Punk is rattled from having a 20 minute chat with MJF and then a match when he was ready to go when he came out.

Punk gets the running knee strike and it's time for the real comeback. He goes to the top and hits the flying elbow, motions for GTS, and hits it. He covers for the three count and the win.

Your winner: CM Punk

Tony is in the back with Christina Cage and Jurassic Express. Cage says they have momentum and they feel unbeatable. He says Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are the #1 tag team contenders and he will make sure they win the titles.

Eddie Kingston is eating and is interrupted by 2.0 and Daniel Garcia. They bring up the article about Eddie and they say he's not hungry any more. Eddie says he's hungry for the cake on his plate. Garcia then throws Eddie's hot coffee in his face and they are pulled apart.

The Gunn Club (Billy and Colton) vs Bear Country (Bear Bronson and Bear Boulder)

The Gunns attack the Bears before the bell and it end with Boulder press slamming Billy. They brawl outside the ring and the bell has rung. Bronson tosses Colton over his shoulder as they return to the ring. Colton hits a Colt 45 and pins Bronson.

Your winners: The Gunn Club

Well, thanks for coming Bear Country.

Darby's music hits. Sting comes out and Darby explodes out of the tunnel to take out Austin Gunn with a spear that looks like someone sped up the footage (but they didn't). Billy and Colton high tail it to the back.

We get a promo for Battle of the Belts on 1/8/2022.

In the back, Adam Cole is with Bobby Fish and he's upset about them losing since the PPV. Best Friends show up. They argue over who are better friends. Looks like we are getting a match with Orange Cassidy and Yuta vs. Fish and Cole.

e then go to a conference room with Team Tax and Dante Martin and Lio Rush to talk about the contract Team Taz has offered Dante. Lio says it's business they don't want to be a part of, and Dante stops him and signs the contract. Dante crosses the table and leaves with Team Taz.

Thunder Rosa vs Jamie Hayter (TBS Tournament)

I would much rather just sit back and watch this one that write about it. I have been looking forward to it for a while. Baker and Rebel come out with Hayter.

They lock up immediately and force each other around the ring. They then go to the mat and keep the grip, rise up, still locked up until Hayter forces Rosa to the ropes. They go to the outside and Rosa is able to toss Hayter into the barricade. They brawl on the floor until Rosa tosses Hayter to the ring. Hayter cuts off Rosa's return with stomps. Rosa fithts her way to her feet and buries Hayter with blows.

They trade attacks into the ropes. The pace of the match is blistering and snug. They brawl outside the ring again and Rosa hits Hayter with a drop kick from inside the ring. Rosa leaps into a slam into the post and then the floor as we go picture in picture.

When they return to the full screen, Rosa has taken her in commercial beating and is on the top turnbuckle. Rosa tosses Hayter to the mat, and hits a shotgun dropkick. Rosa beats down Hayter in the corner. She drags Hayter to the middle of the ring for a two count. Rosa tries to lift Hayter and Hayter blocks it and hits a back breaker for a two count.

Hayter slaps on a chin lock and Rosa fights her way free. They trade blows in the middle of the ring. Hayter wins the exchange, but Rosa is able to float over, get a Russian leg sweep and locks in a Peruvian necktie. Baker gets on the apron to distract the ref, and Rebel tries to interfere, but nails Hayter with a thrust kick by accident. Rosa tosses Rebel in Baker, gets a Casadora on Hayter and holds on for a pin and a three count.

Your winner and going on in the TBS tournament: Thunder Rosa

Hell of a great match even with the shenanigans at the end. Rosa is fantastic in the ring, and Hayter makes a solid opponent for her.

In the back Alex Marvez is with Jericho and he Jericho is interrupted by 2.0 and Daniel Garcia. Jericho tells them to go to the hardware store to buy stuff to build a shelter form Eddie Kingston. He then mocks 2.0 and says if they ever interrupt him again, he will knock their teeth down their throats. They make threats as they back away.

Britt Baker, Rebel and Tony Schiavone are having Friendsgiving and Baker is making sure that Rebel and Tony aren't eating too much. Tony says he has bad news, and has to show the Riho was never eliminated at the All Out Battle Royal and Riho is meeting Britt Baker on Friday, and if Riho wins, she gets a title shot. Baker uninvited Tony from Christmas, and no one gets to do the DMD.

Colt Cabana vs Bryan Danielson

Crowd is on Colt's side. They start by working with arm bars. Bryan goes for the submission hold and Colt gets to the ropes. Bryan kicks Colt after they break. They lock up again and trade holds again. After Colt puts Bryan in a surfboard, Bryan starts with kicks. Bryan turns and mocks the crowd and goes back to work on Colt, causing the crowd to chant for him. Colt escapes a Bryan leap into the corner, and Colt take advantage with punches.

Colt misses the flying apple and Bryan attacks and nails Colt with kicks and chops in the corner. They go up and Colt tries to fight his way free. Colt hits a moonsault onto Bryan and covers for a two count. Bryan is able to drop Colt and nail him with the face stomps. He puts on the LeBell lock and Colt has to tap.

Your winner: Bryan Danielson

Tony goes to the ring to talk to Bryan. He say despite his success, he's not making many friends. Bryan says he got a much different reaction when he debuted and he wonders if it's him or them. He says the fans are fickle. He also says he kicks one of Colt's teeth out and shows it. He challenges the Dark Order members from Atlanta to come out and get their heads kicked in. He says it's leading to kicking Hangman Adam Page's head in...

And Page comes to the ring. In his ring gear.

He says that kicking Colt's head in in the last and he thinks defending the championship in Chicago sounds good to him. Bryan says of course he would say that after he's wrestled a match and accused Page of being a coward. Page says he's not leaving Chicago without a fight and he says he'll give Bryan the first shot.

Bryan says “Don't you insult me like that” and they throw hands. Bryan escapes when Page goes for the buckshot lariat.

They run down the cards for Rampage and next week's Dynamite.

Cody Rhodes, Pac, and the Lucha Brothers vs Andrade, Malakai Black, and FTR

I feel bad for Anthony having to do play by play. I expect this to be super fast paced, and the whole night has been filled with hard hitting matches. I wasn't really expecting much when the card was unveiled, and the only match I was looking forward to was Rosa vs Hayter, but they are really put together a good show, and even the matches where you knew the outcome have been entertaining and moved stories forward.

I am not a fan of these big multi-man matches, but since tonight has been so good, I am ready for it, even if I think they have wrung all of the juice out of Cody vs Black.

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