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By Anthony Pires on 2021-11-24 20:24:00

GOBBLE GOBBLE and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!!  It's Wednesday night Dynamite presented by All Elite Wrestling. Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur have the call of the action and Chicago (as usual) is fired up.  I do wish to take this opportunity to thank the readers and subscribers of for the amazingly positive feedback we've received in 2021.  

Remember, Cory and I want your Festivus Grievances.  I can be reached at

CM Punk comes out and, again, Chicago is VERY happy to see him

CM Punk vs. QT Marshall

MJF actually comes out before Marshall, mic in hand.  MJF points out ot doesn't feel so good being interrupted. Chicago wants him to shut up.  MJF reminds Punk of the years he took his ball and went home.  He laughs that the 2011 pipe bomb was his best moment and that every MJF moment is THE best moment.  MJF isn't happy about last week.  MJF takes Punk to task for not naming him as an opponent he'd like to face.  MJF states he's going to verbally finish Punk faster than his UFC career.  

Punk wants the mic.  He's disappointed in MJF but appreciates the introduction.  Punk says he's never feed MJF's ego by mentioning his name.  Punk is amused by what MJF says.  Punk calls him a less famous Miz!  WOW!  That had to hurt.  MJF compliments Punk on his creativity.  MJF points out that nostalgia is a drug that causes us to misconstrue our memories and Punk is just a memory.  MJF is bored with Punk already and mentioned his breath stinks because of the ass he kisses.  He mocks Punk's generic promos since he arrived in AEW. Punk has lost his edge and that he might as well be preaching hustle, loyalty and respect given how generic he is.  MJF says that PG Punk resents him and that Punk was a loser from the dumpiest place in the world, Chicago. MJF says that PG Punk has always been 2nd best, comparing him to John Cena and HHH.

Punk smiles at him and says there's some truth to it.  He admits he was terrified that no one cared or remembered him.  he's not scared anymore.  He brings up the Rosie O'Donnell show and asks MJF to sing him another song.  He claims MJF is bitter that Punk chose Darby Allin for his first opponent.  Punk says MJFs relevance has been replaced by Britt Baker.  This really needs to be seen.  My review can't do this justice.  Punk wants a fight but MJF slinks off and smiles.

Well it is time to commence the match.  Lockup, shoulder block by Punk.  Punk with a headlock into a body slam, followed by another.  Punk with a trifecta.  Hell, he hits a 4th bodyslam.  Rear chinlock by Punk, Aron Solow and Nick Comoroto get ejected for attempted interference.  Another bodyslam by Punk.  Knee to the gut by QT and slams Punk into the buckle.  Punk with a back elbow and hits a 10 count of punches in the corner.  Punks sends him into the opposite corner.  Kick by QT and he hits a snap mare and a stomp for 2.  Neck wrench by QT, Punk elbows out.  QT with a kick but Punk with a back body drop and a clothesline sends QT to the outside and hits a running clothesline as we go to commercial.

We're back and QT with a neck wrench.  Big forearm and a Liger Bomb for 2 by QT.  Marshall with ground and pound.  Marshall mocks him but a Punk roundhouse kick sends QT to the ground.  Punk fires away and hits a neckbreaker and a running knee.  Punk with a short clothesline.  Punk with the Randy Savage elbow.  GTS by Punk and he scores the pin.


The announce crew is doing a FANTASTIC job getting the story across that Punk still has some serious ring rust.

Tony is with Christian Cage, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus.  They feel unbeatable.  Perry and Luchasaurus are the new number one contenders for the world tag team titles.

Eddie Kingston has some words for Daniel Garcia ahead of the match on Rampage.  2.0 and Garcia interrupt him and remind him that he's gone soft.  AEW security separates them.

The Gunn Club (Billy and Colton) vs Bear Country (Bear Boulder and Bear Bronson)

Gunn Club attacks before the bell but Bear Country gets a quick edge.  Action spills to the outside.  Austin saves Billy and Colton sends Bronson into the steps.  Colton and Bronson are legal and Bronson with a big backdrop.  Out of Referee Aubrey Edwards' view, Colton trips Bronson and Colton with a DDT for the pin.

WINNERS: The Gunn Club

Sting and Darby Allin confront the Gunn Club as Allin throws himself straight into Austin

Adam Cole and Bobby Fish are in the back, upset about the last few weeks and here comes the Best Friends.  Cole wants Chuck to shut up.  Cole and Bobby challenge them to a match.

Tony is backstage with a Team Taz ultimatum for Dante Martin.  Lio is there as well. Dante wants to sign and shuts Rush down.  Dante signs and has joined Team Taz!

TBS Title Tournament match: Jamie Hayter w/Britt Baker and Rebel vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa is a star! Make no mistake about it.  Lockup and we have an aggressive battle in the ropes. Headlock takedown by Hayter and she chokes Rosa against the ropes. Rosa with a slap but gets sent outside.  Rosa reverses a whip into the corner but Hayter with hard forearms and sends Rosa into the apron. Rosa throws her back in but Hayter with stomps back in the ring. Rosa fires back. Hayter with a back elbow into a kick. Rosa sends her into the ropes and connects with a big dropkick and then a sit down on the middle rope.  The action spills to the outside, Rosa with a big dropkick and a suplex on the floor.  Hayter catches a cross body and sends Rosa into the post as we go to commercial.

Back to live action, Hayter sets up a superplex but Rosa fights her off and sends her to the mat. Shotgun dropkick by Rosa into a running elbow and double knees into the corner, followed by a dropkick for 2.  Hayter blocks a chokeslam into a backbreaker fro 2.  Hayter with a rear chinlock.  They exchange elbow strikes, Hayter gets the edge.  Rosa gets a choke that sends Rebe to the apron.  Baker runs in but Rosa sends Baker into Hayter and rolls up Hayter for the pin.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa

Hayter was nailed by a Baker superkick.  She storms off, none too happy.

2.0 and Daniel Garcia interrupt Chris Jericho, who doesn't take too kindly to it, getting Chicago to yell Square Head at Garcia.  Jericho wishes Alex Marvez a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tony is with Britt Baker and Rebel for FriendsGiving.  Baker is not happy that Thunder Rosa won.  Tony is thankful for them both but tells her that Riho has a Black Friday match with Britt. If Riho wins, she gets a title shot.

Bryan Danielson vs. Colt Cabana w/Dark Order

Dark Order leaves the ringside area.  Lockup, arm twist by Danielson into a fireman carry.  Colt breaks an armbar in the ropes.  Another lockup, hammerlock by Danieslon, Colt reverses it into a surfboard.  Danielson escapes with a kick and chops Cabana hard. Danielson with kicks. Colt with chops but Danielson sends him into the corner. Danielson misses a dropkick and a series of right hands by Cabana.  Danielson avoids a charge and nails a German.  Kicks and chops in the corner by Danielson. Cabana slips out of a superplex and hits a moonsault for 2.  Danielson gets the edge and stomps Cabana's head.  Danielson with the LeBell lock and Cabana has no choice but to tap.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

Tony is with Danielson and reminds him he's not making too many friends.  He calls the fans fickle. He brags about kicking Colt's teeth in.  He challenges any Dark Order member to meet him next week.

Adam Page comes out to confront his #1 contender.  He says Bryan has made his point and Page wants the match now.  Danielson says it's typical that he's want the match after he's already had a match. He offers Danielson the first shot.  They trade blows. Page goes for the Buckshot but Danielson scurries away.

We get a little preview of Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statlander next week.

Cody Rhodes, Pac and the Lucha Bros vs. Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo and FTR with Tully Blanchard

Let's not kid ourselves, this is bullet point time

  • Needless to say, this'll be nuts
  • Dax and Cody kick us off, lockup, hard jockey for position. Antother lockup, Cody with a shoulder tackle
  • Lockup headlock by Dax, he tries a slingshot but Cody rolls out and hits his uppercut
  • Pac tags himself in and applies an arm twist
  • A fan throws Cody's weight belt back into the ring.
  • Back elbow by Pac but Pac with a flying forearm
  • Back suplex by Dax, he tags in Cash, who misses an elbow
  • Chicago is really giving it to Cody.  Boot to the face by Pac, he tags in Penta
  • Double stomp to the groin by Penta
  • Wheeler fires back but Penta is right there with him.  Clothesline by Wheeler, Andrade tags in
  • Inside cradle by Penta for 2.  Body slam attempt by Andrade, Penta slips out and tags in Fenix
  • Big dropkick by Fenix for 1
  • Penta tags back in and Death Triangle with a triple dropkick 
  • Cody tags himself in.  Andrade shoves him into his corner where Cody gets triple teamed.
  • Black tags in, as does Fenix, who hits a double cutter on FTR. 
  • Black eats a kick by Fenix. Black with a takedown as we go to commercial
  • Wheeler is working Fenix on the bottom rope
  • Fenix bounds off the ropes and nails a lefg lariat
  • Penta tags in and hits a swinging DDT.
  • Andrade gets the tag as does Pac, who nails a shotgun dropkick
  • I can't keep up as Pac hits a tope con hillo to the outside on all 4 opponents
  • Wheeler with a backbreaker to Pack
  • Everyone is hitting finishers
  • Black with a knee to the face of Pac
  • Cody accidentally superkicks Pac. 
  • Tully and Arn square off, Jose gets involved but the Horsemen fight him off
  • All 8 are fighting it out
  • Andrade with a hammerlock DDT on Pac for the pin after Black hits the black mist

WINNERS: Andrade El Idolo, Malakai Black and FTR

We got to credits.

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