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By James Kurokawa  on 2021-11-24 17:34:00

From Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Japan:

1.  Ryohei Oiwa vs. Kosei Fujita

Both men battle to a draw. 

Best of the Super Jr. 28 Matches:

2.  Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Master Wato

Wato pins Taguchi after an RPP.   

Solid competitive match.  Wato continues to improve in these singles matches.

3. Robbie Eagles vs. YOH

YOH pins Eagles with an O'Conner Roll.

YOH gets his first win in the BOSJ!  Eagles was shocked that he got pinned.

Another solid match with great wrestling. Like Wato, YOH can only get better with singles matches with the best wrestlers.  And he will need to avoid injuries.  

4. Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs. SHO

As SHO came to the ring, Kanemaru attacked him from behind.   SHO dropped his Title belt and black bag with the wrench.   Kanemaru grabbed the wrench and threw it into the locker room.  He continued to stomp on SHO and smash him into the guardrails.  SHO turned the tables and threw Kanemaru into the guardrails.   SHO went back to the locker room to get his wrench on the ground.  He ran past the referee and tried to hit Kanemaru.  Kanemaru dropkicked him in the leg and the wrench went flying.  Kanemaru locked SHO in the figure four leg lock in the ring.    SHO gets the break and attacks Kanemaru with a hammerlock submission.  Rope break.  SHO goes for a Shock Arrow.  Kanemaru reverses out and hits a brainbuster.  Two count.  SHO and Kanemaru grab the referee and throws him around the ring.  SHO tries for a low blow but Kanemaru blocks it.  He flips SHO into a Victory Roll.

Kanemaru pins SHO.

Kanemaru is now tied for the lead with SHO.

The Heel Master outsmarts the Murder Machine.  SHO hits a lariat on Kanemaru after the match.  SHO grabs his wrench and goes to hit Kanemaru.  Kanemaru ducks and blasts SHO with a low blow.  Kanemaru gets his Suntori whiskey bottle and drenches SHO with some whiskey.   SHO sold his injured privates all the way back to the locker room.

Not a classic wrestling match, but more storyline driven match.  SHO is trying to be a dastardly heel, but Kanemaru is the "Heel Master", who beats SHO at his own game.  Plus Kanemaru gets a win in the process.  SHO is really good at selling an injury from a heel standpoint.  From a storyline perspective, it was very good.

5. El Desperado vs. DOUKI

DOUKI submits to Numero Dos.

Desperado gets back on track with a win.

This was a good match between Suzuki-Gun members.  DOUKI hit many of his moves on Desperado.  Desperado really sold well, especially when DOUKI trapped him in an Italian Stretch No. 32.  Desperado looked to be in pain.  Even though Desperado got the win, he made DOUKI look strong with how he sold the moves.

6.  Taiji Ishimori vs. El Phantasmo

Both men came to the ring with their "Bullet Club Cutest" T-shirts on.  Both men were hesitant to lock up in the early moments.   Once they got the comedy out of the way, they picked up the pace.  Both wrestlers knew each other so well.   ELP was about to hit a lung blower, but Ishimori reversed it into a tombstone Destroyer.  Never seen that before.  Ishimori attempted his own Sudden Death, but ELP poked him in the eye and rolled him up in a small package.

ELP pinned Ishimori.

After the match, both Bullet Club members embraced.  ELP was still selling the effects of Destroyer.  

Another fun match.  When the wrestlers are familiar with each other, they can create awesome matches.

7.  Hiromu Takahashi vs. BUSHI.

Tetsuya Naito came to ringside for commentary for this main event.

Both men started out quickly at a fast pace, going in and out of the ring.  Again, they knew each other so well.  BUSHI used the referee as a distraction and spit Black Mist into the eyes of Hiromu.  This is one of the few times since COVID-19 that a wrestler has spit in the face of another.  BUSHI went for an MX but Hiromu countered with knees to the face.  Hiromu came back with a bunch of offense but was not able to pin BUSHI.   Hiromu finally hit a Time Bomb II.

Hiromu pinned BUSHI.

Hiromu is in second place with 7 points, behind Yoshinobu Kanemaru and SHO, both with 8 points.

Current Standings in the Best of Super Jr 28:



Taiji Ishimori - 6

Yoshinobu Kanemaru - 8

Robbie Eagles- 4

Ryusuke Taguchi - 4

Master Wato - 4

El Phantasmo - 4

YOH - 2

Hiromu Takahashi - 7

El Desperado - 5

SHO - 8

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