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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-24 10:00:00

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Did Vince change Big E’s original winning character formula? He’s so dour and has acted more like tool heel since he became WWE Champion. His recent angle with KO made me more sympathetic to KO, so I was glad KO roughed him up. Or, is just that Vince forgot how to book babyfaces?

I don't see him as a tool.  I think Vince is booking him to have what he sees as a top guy's edge.

When do you think WWE induct Lawrence Taylor and/or Cyndi Lauper into their Hall of Fame in the celebrity wing? With questionable celebrity inductees like Drew Carey and Snoop Dogg indicted, I think these two are a no-brainer.  Seems long overdue.

I honestly don't know the answer but my guess is that if either of them were up for it, the company would do it.

The WWE Hall of Fame has become quite watered down in recent years.  Too many inductees, speech length cut to several minutes, and some speeches even delivered in-character.  With Wrestlemania being in Texas next year, the guys at Busted Open brought up the idea of having Undertaker as the lone inductee.  This would give him more than enough time to deliver the type of speech he deserves, and would allow him to have one last entrance in front of 100,000 fans.  What do you think of this idea?

While I think that the show has gotten too big, with too many inductees, I also think only one inductee would be too short.  He will get that entrance in front of the fans at the actual Mania show, or shows, anyway.  I like four or five inductees.  I think that is the sweet spot.

How was Cash Wheeler able to wrestle again so soon after suffering what seemed to be serious nerve damage to his arm earlier this year when slicing it open on the ring post?

Not to sound flippant but he heeled up.  That simple.

How come most wrestler salaries aren’t made public similar to other sports?  I’ve always found it fascinating to see how much a wrestlers contract is worth.

Mainstream Pro Sports (which wrestling is not), are unionized and have some form of salary cap (with baseball being the luxury tax).  That makes salaries public knowledge.  Wrestling is not unionized and definitely has more of an every person for themselves mentality.  And, before AEW, the talents didn’t have a whole lot of bargaining leverage either.

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