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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-20 10:00:00

Why is AEW making us wait for details on the Owen Hart tournament?  

AEW was able to bridge Martha Hart and her family working alongside a company in professional wrestling again, was able to license Owen Hart for action figures and video games for the first time in decades, raise money and awareness for the Owen Hart Foundation and you emailed me this after Tony Khan announced exactly when they would announce details on the tournament?    You can't do everything at once and to be honest, you really are missing the bigger point in all of this, which is that wrestling fans get to celebrate Owen again and even have some closure they've never really had before.

Why isn't WWE announcing releases and offering future endeavors?

Your guess is as good as mine.  I am surprised they aren't trying to get web traffic by announcing it on their website, as they have for years.

How is the NWA getting Doug Williams in for their PPV?

The United States has re-opened international travel, so my guess is by plane, but I guess Billy Corgan could put him on a boat or submarine if he really wanted to drive poor Williams insane.

I am really surprised you haven't commented on the end of Ring of Honor.  Why is that?

Well, given I've interviewed Joe Koff about it and wrote a long article about it, you shouldn't be surprised.   I think it's a sad situation.  For a time period where everyone is talking about how hot pro wrestling is, there sure are a lot of talented wrestlers released from their contractual obligations among many promotions and to me, that's pretty sobering and depressing.   Pro wrestling will always need places like ROH and I can only hope it eventually reconstitutes itself as a destination for fans and talents alike.

Is it rude to call a wrestler by their real name if you meet them in public somewhere?

My personal rule of thumb has been that unless you personally know the wrestl  er from outside of the "wrestling world" or they have specifically asked you to call them by their given name, I traditionally refer to them by their ring names. In many cases behind the scenes, the wrestlers' ring names become their nicknames anyway when they are in the pro wrestling circles.  So, if you don't know them or haven't been given that permission, I'd say it's closer to rude than polite.

Who was the first wrestler you ever met?

Big John Studd.

What are the things you love outside of pro wrestling?

My family, Star Wars, Broadway, NYC, travel, Godzilla films, writing, pop culture history and music.

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