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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-19 10:00:00

I saw you reported Undertaker is in the Northeast and they do have a slot open at the PPV for another person in a Survivor Series match.  Do you think it could be him?

Well, he was the mystery guy when he debuted in 1990! 

Seriously, while I certainly believe that this shot severely needs a shot in the arm, you would think that if Undertaker was going to wrestle, WWE would shout it from the rooftops.  I really don't see this one happening, but having him in a big tag match where he can be protected and still give everyone a hell of a moment is an interesting idea.  I just feel if you are going to get ONE last appearance, Wrestlemania in Dallas is the place.

Why is WWE running Brooklyn when they could be in Madison Square Garden?

The Barclays Center gives them a hell of a deal, that's why.  There's been an ongoing battle between Barclays and MSG since the former was created.

What Survivor Series show should I go back and watch?

I am a big fan of the first-ever show in 1987 as the concept was fresh and it's a fun show that really showcases that post-Wrestlemania IIII time period.   The 1988 edition had a fabulous ten tag team Survivor Series Elimination match that was just well done.  I think the 1998 show with the Deadly Games tournament was extremely well booked and put together.

Any word how long Kenny Omega will be out?

I think that is very much up in the air.  He was banged up for some time and really powered through despite those injuries and should be praised for such.  I hope he gets healthy and comes back at 100%.

With the "POTENTIAL" death of Ring of Honor, it made me think about what other video libraries are still out there that someone could snap up?

There are remnants of the Memphis library bouncing around that are said to be owned by various people and I am sure there are masters somewhere from different factions, although no complete collections.   There's footage from Portland, St. Louis, Houston, etc. but no word on complete runs anywhere.  ITV has the World of Sport series from the UK.   Then you have the Savoldi family or Steve Karel who own lots of different content.  I don't know that WWE is going to put a premium on owning additional libraries in the future given they have pivoted from the WWE Network strategy of 2014.

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