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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-16 10:00:00

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What wrestling move(s) have lost the most effectiveness over the years due to the number of people performing it, or the number of people kicking out of it? A DDT used to be a finisher, now it seems to usually be transitional. A figure-four used to be a nearly guaranteed submission. Once upon a time few people performed moonsaults, code reds/ destroyers, or Frankensteiners/ hurricanranas.

I can't just say one.  Many, many moves that used to be perceived as devastating are now seen as a transition spot.  It's crazy to me.  The talents are putting themselves in a position of cutting time off of their careers due to taking more punishment than they have to.  To me, the real pros are the people that can do less but get the fans more invested.  They are also the smarter wrestlers.

A lot of people get on AEW’s case about their roster size and how people will get lost in the shuffle. I’m not sure that will always be the case. They managed to build up the Lucha Brothers after it seemed they were floundering a bit. But their roster does remind me if 80’s WWF where they had so much talent, it was impossible to give the title to everyone. The WWF did well for itself then. Do you think AEW will be able to keep the talent happy in the same way?

Keep the talent happy?  Well, I look at the alternative. There aren't a lot of happy wrestlers in WWE.  At least in AEW people, on the whole, enjoy going to work.  The people that are pondering this are mostly on the outside.

In thinking of the 80’s WWF roster and how they had two touring groups, do you think the brand split would have actually been a better concept then, considering the abundance of talent they had. Who do you think would have benefited the most?

WWE has a huge roster now as well.  I don't see it as being much different.  Back then, a brand split could have worked for sure.  They didn't have the TV beast to feed so they could have actually done it properly.  That would have made the rare inter-brand matches way more special.  As for who would have benefitted, it still comes down to the company pushing who they want to push.  Anyone that they saw something in back then they pushed.

Do you think AEW may be heading for a roster split down the line?  Not sure I would like it but I think they would do a better job than WWE does. Thoughts?

I don't see any need for it.  I don't think that the roster is too big now.  They do three hours of TV, plus the YouTube shows.  They need talent.  Plus they can afford to have talents take time off now, which is a great thing in my opinion.

WWE tracked down all those videotape libraries and old fans like me loved the old WCW, NWA, World Class and UWF tapes but it’s a new era and I think fans want to see AJ Styles, CM Punk and all these great stars if today’s body of work. How important are the ROH, Impact, PWG, etc. libraries and if Tony Khan got a hand on those, does his tape library and subsequent streaming service become more desirable to the younger demographic than the WWE Network?

Most people buy the WWE Network for the current content.  A very small percentage buy it for old stuff.  Old footage is great to have, but new content is what drives the subscriber base.

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