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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-15 10:00:00

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AEW had another great PPV with Full Gear.  Is it time for Vince McMahon to be worried?

Wow, that is such an open ended question.  Personally, I always think that almost any company should be concerned about its competition.  It’s just good business to be aware of who is trying to take your audience.  With that said, for the present?  He shouldn’t be too concerned.  He has three years left on the TV deals that bring in the lion’s share of the company’s revenue.  But down the road?  I would be.  AEW has shown they are the real deal and will be here for the foreseeable future.

I’m just wondering if anyone knows for sure that Triple H is coming back. It would seem to me that he wouldn’t want to come back considering what NXT has become. Do you think it is possible that he was forced out?

No, he wasn’t forced out.  He suffered a serious cardiac event and he is recovering from it.  Given the state of the virus, I understand if he is taking his time before returning to a full time slate, as it involves so much travel.

If you were Triple H, would you be in any hurry to get back to work after seeing what WWE has done to NXT?

Honestly?  No, I wouldn’t.  I would be really angry at the shortsightedness of the company.  I would be angry at Vince McMahon for taking a brand that sold out huge buildings for Takeover events, bringing in big revenue to the company, and kicking it to the curb.  But the flip side is, I wouldn’t be shocked either.  HHH knows as well as anyone what Vince McMahon is like.

With rumors being that "some" of the cuts made by the WWE lately were due to being unvaccinated talent, has there been any talk if talent does get vaccinated that they would be brought back to the company.

I am not aware of any such conversations if they happened.  And not for nothing, if someone was released for that reason (and let me stress IF), and then they get hired back right after getting vaccinated, it may put WWE in an actionable position.  My take is that if someone like, say, Becky Lynch refused to get the shot, WWE wouldn’t have released her.  If, and I stress IF, they released someone because they weren’t vaccinated, they saw them as expendable anyway.

If you were running a wrestling company, would you use unvaccinated wrestlers?

The world isn’t a fair place.  To me, I think everyone who wrestles should be vaccinated.  Even if they don’t care about themselves, they are right on top of other people when they work and they could make those people sick.  They should get the shot for that reason alone in my opinion.  With that said, as I said above, if someone like Becky was staunchly anti-vax, I wouldn’t kick her to the curb.  That just wouldn’t be a smart business decision.  I would, however, make her test daily for the virus and if she couldn’t go on a UK tour due to her status, I would fine her for the dates she missed.

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