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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-10 10:00:00

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Granted, Roman Reigns is the top guy in wrestling today. But beyond that, what does WWE offer? Big E is a great champion, but is definitely number two and not likely to upend Roman. After that, what? Brock Lesnar comes and goes, and while the story with Paul Heyman was really interesting, it didn't pay off (yet). But that's my point, really. The WWE only has one really good long term story and after that there's nothing.  Personally I stopped watching Raw and Smackdown years ago after being an avid fan, and about 2 years ago started watching NXT and loved it. But now even that has been dismantled to something better called Nickelodeon Extreme Training.  Even a stud like Bron Breaker, with the tremendous family lineage of the Steiner Brothers, can't use his real name. I have to imagine that AEW would jump to capitalize on such a family connection. Now I watch AEW after shunning it for a while, and while it has faults it is currently far superior to the dreck WWE spoons out. And I'm a 50 year wrestling fan! What is WWE going to do to right the ship?

WWE gives us what Vince wants us to have, that simple.  Reigns is great and his stuff is a lot of fun.  Most of the rest?  It's the same thing over and over again.  Unless they lose their TV deals or something happens to Vince, I don't see any righting of the ship any time soon.

Bryan Danielson has been nothing short of fantastic in AEW. I watched the matches with Kenny Omega, and recently Eddie Kingston. My question is this: After each match, Danielson's chest was basically beaten to a bloody mess, but the next week he looks good as new. I've never (thankfully) had any damage done to me like that, so how does it heal so fast?

I have seen that with a lot of wrestlers.  They get the welts of war and after a few days, they clear and go away.  I don't know the medical reason, but I have seen it a lot.

How do you think that the 30- and 40-somethings on the NXT roster (those who survived the “budget cuts”, anyway) feel now that Vince has basically deemed them old news compared to the early 20s homegrown talent who will lack most of the indie-grown aspects that made NXT 1.0 one of the best products in wrestling? How long until legitimate stars like Ciampa, Balor and Gargano are thrown in the trash by Vince because they’re “too old”?

Honestly, I think if you asked most of the talents contracted to WWE if they felt super secure about their employment status, they would probably tell you that nothing would shock them at this point.  That is the way it is in WWE now, unfortunately.  I don’t know when older talents will be released and I hope it’s never, unless they want to leave.  It used to be a small portion of the roster that I would say, “Rent, don’t buy” too but now it’s a much higher percentage. It’s sad that this is such a real conversation to have.  It makes me root for AEW more and more every day.

It's pretty safe to assume what Triple-H thinks about the current state of affairs in WWE.  One question I haven't seen addressed yet is, what does Stephanie think about everything?  I can't imagine that she doesn't see the problems that exist, but then again, the same should be true for Vince.  Any thoughts on this?

I am purely speculating here, let me make that clear.  First off, Stephanie is an extremely smart person so I think she has a great take on what is going on in WWE, good and bad.  I look at her leaving the creative end of the company to go into branding and I think she did the smart thing.  She went into an area where she could go great things for the company and not be under the decisions of her father.  My guess is she sees a lot of what we see and knows that there isn’t anything she can do about the creative end to make it better so she chose to use her skill in another area of the company where she could make a difference.

Has the Universal championship eclipsed the WWE Title the same way WCW's overtook the NWA's in the early 90s?

Roman Reigns is the best thing going in that company, by far.  He is treated as such.  Yep, the belt he holds is THE Title.

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