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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-09 10:00:00

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Can you explain the differences between the situations where Bryan Danielson is not legally allowed to lead the "Yes" chants in AEW, while the former Kalisto was seen several times leading the "Lucha" chants on AEW TV this week?

I am not a lawyer but my guess is that WWE trademarked "Yes" for use by a wrestler in a wrestling environment while "Lucha" is actually the Spanish word for wrestling and couldn't be trademarked.

Vince McMahon clearly never had any intention of bringing Scarlett to the main roster.  Can you think of any reason at all why?

Can I personally see any reason why?  Nope, not one.  She is awesome at what she does and would definitely have been on my show if I were booking it.  But Vince sees things much different than I do (and most people for that matter).  I can't even guess how he missed the boat on her.  It's crazy to me, but it’s also not the first time I have seen him take what seems like a home run and turn it into a strike out.

When do you think the Money in the Bank concept faltered? It was good for a while, made heel Edge for sure, but when did it go wrong?

I can't pick a specific point in time because all of the MITB stuff runs together after a while but it faltered when it became predictable, stale and a trope.  It went wrong for me when Babyfaces started cashing in and stole the Title, the way Big E did earlier this year.  To me, if a Babyface has the case, he/she should announce a date when he/she would have a fair match.  Only heels should pick the bones, but they have everyone do it.

To be fair, has NXT 2.0 been like, well, not that bad? Don’t get me wrong, I miss the original WWE network incarnation with the occasional Takeovers, it was the best wrestling on TV… but to me this reboot still features a fresh set of talent compared to what we see every week on the other shows, some solid wrestling, and an overall different vibe then the same tired stuff (Usos vs New Day, again!) we get elsewhere…thoughts?

We all have our opinion.  To me, it's OK on its own if you forget everything else.  It's not good and they have forced way too many characters on me, at the expense of people I was invested in.  Beyond that, there is no way that I can take the fact that they destroyed my old NXT, which I really enjoyed, to make this show.  That alone makes it an epic fail for me.

My question is this: has AEW completely cornered themselves into a tough spot with Omega/Page. It’s almost obvious Page is the eventual one to beat Omega, and all signs point to now being the right time, and actual time it’s happening. But, is it too obvious? Let’s face it, if he doesn’t win, AEW fans will riot. But we all expect that to happen. His winning seems too obvious, and him losing CAN’T happen again… thoughts?

Here is my take.  I think Page needs to finally beat Omega.  If he loses again, it hurts him.  If it’s me, I book it so it looks like he will lose again, due to chicanery, but he wins in the end and the crowd goes nuts.  Sometimes doing the obvious thing is exactly what a booker should do because it’s what the fans want to see.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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