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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-06 10:00:00


I really loved your article on WWE's releases.  Did you hear from anyone within WWE?

Thank you.  We heard from a lot of people within the company.  No one who reached out voiced any complaints to the best of my knowledge, but I am sure there are some in that executive circle who wouldn't have been happy with it.

I thought Will Ospreay was coming into MLW?

He was announced for the December return to New York City.

Is there any update on the Matt Tremont dude who was blown up in the Onita match?  Did the show make money?  Is there going to be a sequel?

He was hospitalized in a burn unit after the bout on 10/31.  He has not been released to the best of my knowledge.  I don't know if the show made money.  They had a few hundred fans but the money would likely be made in the promotion's share of the internet stream revenue.  I don't think anyone should be thinking about a sequel at this point, just healing.

Does Dixie Carter still own Impact?  Is she still involved?  What do you think she sold the company for?

She has a small minority share of the company and is not involved in any decision making at all.  I don't know the last time she's even visited.  She did not sell the company.  Court testimony has shown she was endebted to Anthem Media and they decided to call in the debt, which meant they switched into the position of her majority ownership while she retained what had been their minority ownership.  She didn't get a payday for the company.

Did any of the old school managers actually manage the day to day affairs of their clients?

The only legitimate manager that I can think of is Paul Ellering, who handled all the travel and investments for the Road Warriors as well as negotiations. Beyond that, it was just part of the show. They were performers, the same as wrestlers.


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