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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-08 10:00:00

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With all the cuts WWE have made especially this year on what feels like  a near monthly basis, do you feel WWE are just cutting talent for fun now? Because part of me is getting that type of feeling from this.

No, they don’t do it for the fun of it.  They do it because they feel it’s the proper move.  They feel that the talents, for whatever reason, aren’t worth what they are paying them and they don’t see releasing them as something that will help the competition.

Did Stephanie McMahon on behalf of the corporate entity really take credit for the success of UpUpDownDown when touting creating individual brands for the talent?

When you own the product, you can take credit.  That’s the corporate way.

With Takeover status being a recent question you have received are you surprised with all the talk about streaming and a question about the direction of NXT 2.0 that Takeovers were not part of the line of questioning on the conference call?

No, I am not surprised.  The people asking the questions on the calls are usually not wrestling fans or invested in the product.  They just care about where the company is going so they usually don’t get very micro in their questioning. There is a reason that they don’t do similar calls with wrestling people.  Vince McMahon and Nick Khan want no part of the questions we would ask.  To his immense credit, Paul Levesque put himself out there.  I really respect that.

If you were WWE with the upcoming international rights battle for the network would you try to get 1 singular buyer or would you try to create multiple bidding wars and geographically piecemeal it to different platforms?

I would explore all avenues to get the best deal that I possibly can get.

It seems like the 2300 Arena, the former ECW Arena is now a state of the art, attractive arena to use for wrestling and MMA events. What kind of changes were made over the years to make it so TV friendly and why wasn't it like that during the heyday of ECW?

In the old days, it was literally a bingo hall and a building where a Mummers Band practiced.  Once it was sold, the new owners made it a real venue.  It was not meant to be a real arena back when ECW was running but it became legendary anyway.

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